WoW player hasn’t cleaned house in 15 years and streamed trash

There are people who use hobbies or other activities as excuses for their totally negligent and antisocial behavior. This is the case of a player who said that, because he is very involved in World of Warcraft, he did not clean his house. For 15 years!

Jaegerrmeister, name of the player’s channel on Twitch, claimed to be a World of Warcraft player and, because of that, has always been very involved in the game. When he moved into the house he lives in in 2004, he neglected to maintain the site. The problem is that he took this to the extreme, never cleaning the house until now, when he decided to make a transmission showing the process and what he could find in the middle of his garbage, also known as home.


The reason for the cleaning, according to the player, was the celebration of his birthday. When he was asked how he got to this point, after having joked that it was because he was playing WoW for a long time, Jaegerrmeister responded to the Dexerto website, which he believes has some mental disorder, coupled with his addiction to the game, something that potentiated his behavior.

During the broadcast, the player found everything from moldy pasta boxes to two urine-filled containers. Recently, the World Health Organization officially transformed the addiction disorder in games into a diagnosable and treatable disease. This is a case that would possibly fit the new definition.