WoW Shadowlands – DLC content ready; beta-tests and release date


  • According to a Blizzard representative, all the Shadowlands content for World of Warcraft is ready.
  • Beta-tests of the extension will start next week.
  • Shadowlands is set to officially debut this fall. The exact date, however, is unknown.
  • Yesterday evening there was a Shadowlands Update stream organized by Blizzard. As the title suggests, it was entirely devoted to the upcoming expansion to the hit MMORPG World of Warcraft (see the full record below). There was some good news during the broadcast. First of all, the developers announced that all items Shadowlands are ready. However, they require additional testing and possible polishing, which is why the beta of the expansion will start next week. Invitations to it should be sent to selected players who have expressed their willingness to participate (it can still be done here), soon.

    Blizzard representatives also confirmed that the current plans are for the full version of the add-on Shadowlands down World of Warcraft will debut at the end of this year, specifically in the fall. Unfortunately, the exact date has not been given. We are therefore left with speculation. Looking at the intervals between the beta-test launch and the full-fledged release in the case of previous expansions, we can initially assume that November is the most likely date. However, it is necessary to take a correction for the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which can additionally disturb the work on the add-on. Everything may change, therefore, and it is possible that this fall will not be the final release date for Shadowlands. (via Game Rant).

    Work on the Shadowlands expansion is nearing its end.

    Addition Shadowlands has been official announced at the BlizzCon event in early November last year. As part of it, the greatest heroes of Azeroth will be able to enter the eponymous Shadow Land – the underworld to which the passage was created thanks to Sylvanas. According to the well-known streamer Asmongold, this extension, the alpha version of which he already tried out some time ago, has a chance to be the best in the history of World of Warcraft. Will it actually happen? We should find out about this in the next few months.

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