WoW: Shadowlands Launch Delayed

WoW fans will have to wait longer for the expansion.


  • WoW: Shadowlands will be released later, but is expected to be released later this year;
  • On October 13, the patch to prepare the game for the expansion’s release will debut;
  • We will also receive an event introducing the story, as part of which we will once again face the Scourge.
  • Blizzard Entertainment announced that another expansion pack for World of Warcraft’s MMORPG – Shadowlands – will not be released as planned on October 27 this year. The premiere has been postponed to a later date (yet undisclosed), although it is still to take place in 2020. As usual in similar situations, the cause of the delay is the desire to refine the production, but the difficulties related to the coronavirus are also important. The information was provided in a note on the official website of the game.

    Over the past few months of testing, we’ve made significant progress on the main features and gameplay of Shadowlands. We are at the point where the zones, the campaign, the leveling up based on questing, and the story we have to tell are basically ready. We’re excited about the Coventants at the heart of the expansion, and watching Torghast transform into a fun new WoW experiencethanks to your input it was a pleasure.

    However, as things started to fall into place and we listened and built the game based on your feedback, it became clear that we needed a little more time for some additional polishing as well as for balancing and rethinking some elements – especially endgame ones. Shadowlands is one of the most complex expansions we’ve created so far, and while we’ve made tremendous progress, the challenge of refining the endgame has been compounded by the fact that the team had to work from home, we read.

    Developers also announced that The update to prepare the game for the expansion release (the so-called pre-patch) will debut on October 13. It will introduce, among others changed character development system, changes on the Exile’s Reach island and additional options to customize the appearance of the hero. Closer to the release of the expansion, we can also expect an event in which we will once again fight the Scourge, i.e. the undead.

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