The “outcasts of Arakkoa” are a closely connected group and very suspicious of strangers. They are affected by a curse from Sethe and therefore had to flee from their home – the sky needle (the dungeon) – from the worshipers of the sun goddess “Ruhkmar”, otherwise they would have wiped out on their behalf. Since then, the Arakkoa outcasts have been hiding in the shadows and working towards their own secure future. They worship the raven god “Anzu”, his consort “Ka’alu the raven mother” and follow the teachings of the legendary king “Terokk” – the first outcast.

While the Arakkoa outcasts are very suspicious, their enemies are the same as those of the adventurers from Azeroth, which does not make an alliance impossible if you know how to improve your reputation with the outcasts. To do this, you should first follow the action of the quests through Talador and the tips of Araka. Since the quests unfortunately do not reach the highest reputation level, there is only one possibility to gain reputation afterwards: You have to destroy the enemies of the clan. Not everyone counts time-consuming mob grinds to be their favorite pastime, but what do you not do for the items that are only available from the parliamentary group. To make the long journey a little easier for you, we will show you a few tricks in this guide with which you can climb to the highest reputation level as quickly and effectively as possible.

What do I have to consider? What are the requirements?

The faction “Arakkoa outcasts” is a neutral faction and is available to the Horde and the Alliance. You will get your first contact with the faction during the last quests in Talador (quest line “The Sorrows of the Arakkoa”). As soon as you have finished the quest line in Talador and headed towards “Peaks of Arak”, you will meet more and more of the Arakkoa outcasts. As with the other Draenor factions, there are no daily quests with the Arakkoa to build your reputation However, by completing the regular main and side quests in Talador and the Spiers of Arak, you will gain reputation with the faction. You should definitely complete these quests if you want to maximize your reputation, because it is by far the fastest way.

Afterwards, the reputation can only be increased very slowly by wiping out the clan’s enemies. However, there are a few basic things to consider. The most important thing: You only gain reputation by killing enemies if you are alone or in a group with a maximum of five players. You will not gain reputation in a raid. Regardless of whether you prefer to farm Ruf alone or in a group, we will explain to you how to handle it most effectively for both ways.

How can I increase my reputation?

In order to make the annoying and stupid farming down of mobs as efficient and time-saving as possible, you have numerous options with which you can increase your reputation. You can combine the following options:

Level 3 trading post – If you upgrade the trading post to level 3, you will get a whopping 20% ​​more reputation from all sources. Unfortunately you need the achievement “Wild Friends” for the blueprint, which in turn requires three awesome Draenor factions.

Battle Standard of Cooperation – You shouldn’t forget the standard. You can buy them for 300 gold from your guild dealer / herald / page and set them up every ten minutes. Once placed, it increases the reputation of you and your guild mates within 100 meters by 15%. If you are traveling in a guild group, agree who will place his standard where. Always try to set them up when you’ve gathered a fair number of enemies.

Darkmoon Fair – The Darkmoon Fair offers you two options to increase your reputation by 10% for an hour: the “Darkmoon Cylinder” and the carousel. You can buy the hat for ten winning tickets at “Gelvas Soot Gate” at the Darkmoon Fair . The ride on the carousel, on the other hand, is much cheaper. For a “dark moon ticket” you can enter the ride and receive the buff “Jippie!”. You have to do your laps on the carousel for a few seconds, as the duration of the buff increases every second up to the maximum duration of one hour. By the way: The dark moon cylinder and the carousel buff cannot be combined with one another.

Where and how do I farm reputation for the Arakkoa Outcasts?

As already mentioned several times, you should first complete the reputation-increasing quests in Talador and in the Spiers of Arak (this also includes some treasures). As a rule, you will already complete most of these quests in the course of the advancement process to level 100. If you still want to follow the reputation quests explicitly, you will find links to all reputation-increasing quests in the two zones below. If you do them all, you should be able to improve your reputation to around 7,000 points of the “benevolent” level.

Reputation-increasing quests in Talador.
Reputation-building quests in Spiers of Arak.
Reputation-increasing bonus targets in the Blood Mane District (Spiers of Arak).
Reputation-enhancing bonus targets at Howling Rock (Spiers of Arak).
Reputation-increasing bonus targets at the Knife Fist Fortress (Spikes of Arak).

In addition to the quests in the two zones, you can also receive the rare follower mission Scrolls at the Blood Mane in your garrison. It is not not suitable for effective farming, which is why it is not mentioned further below, but the mission is not completely useless, because the “Relic of Rukhmar” that you receive as a reward is account-bound. You will receive the mission For example, with one of your twinks, you can simply send the relic to your main character and redeem it with him, which will bring you a whopping 2,500 reputation points.

Unfortunately, once you’ve worked your way through the quests, you have no choice but to fight the enemies of the clan to further improve your reputation. You can find these at two spots in the peaks of Arak: Skettis and the forgotten Anzuversteck. For these two spots – if available – the level 100 daily quests in your garrison (attack on Skettis etc.) are recommended. Please note, however, that you only get reputation with the faction for the killed opponents, but not for the quests.

Fastest farming method for single and group players:

Unfortunately, the Arakkoa Outcasts don’t have any major tricks that can help you farm a lot of reputation quickly. The only thing left to do is to walk through the farm areas and to measure as many opponents as possible as quickly as possible. Of course, the whole thing is much faster in a group than if you struggle alone, which is why we can only advise you to look for a farm group or to found one yourself.

In order to guarantee the maximum reputation yield, your group should not consist of more than five players – anything beyond that reduces the reputation gain considerably. It doesn’t matter whether your group consists of five damage dealers or a healer and / or tank is involved, because the opponents have little health and only cause marginal damage. In the Dungeon & Raids Tool (organized groups) you can quickly find appropriate groups or create them yourself using keywords such as “Ruf Arakkoa”, Call Outcasts “,” Call Arak “etc.

In terms of farm spots, your group theoretically has two areas with “Skettis” and “Forgotten Anzuversteck”, but in practice the Anzuversteck has turned out to be a much more worthwhile area than Skettis. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that in Skettis you have to cover longer distances between the monsters. On the other hand, there are simply more opponents and entire groups of opponents in Anzuversteck, which can be dealt with more quickly and respawn more quickly. Should you find on site that the area is already being farmed, it is better to change the server – if possible – than to move to Skettis.

The farm route on site is relatively simple: Start with the ogres (for example on the middle island) and pull large groups at once. Then run north past the portal equipment to the rock face at the end and clear all goblins and “octopus groups” (Amorphous Cognitor, Infected Mechanics & Looters) out of the way. Then follow the narrow crevice further north until you reach the In it you keep straight / right and work your way counterclockwise through the Kraken groups and the hideous / enchanted shadowhouses. After one round you land again in front of the cave exit and plow your way back south. This game repeats you until you have no more desire or the reputation full.

To speed things up, you should definitely take your bodyguards with you (e.g. Vivianne / Delvar Eisenfaust for more AOE damage). In addition, if you have set up the smuggler’s cave in the tips of Arak as an outpost, you should call the smuggler dealer every ten minutes and check his offer for useful buffs. In this way you can earn around 1,500 to 3,000 reputation per hour and become “awesome” in around four to eight hours.

What are the rewards?

Depending on your reputation level, Quartermaster “Shadow Sage Brakoss” (Alliance) or “Raven Spokesman Skeega” (Horde) offer you a wide variety of items, from equipment items to battle pets, which we have summarized for you in the table below. Horders can find Skeega with the bankers in the fortress of Warspear (coordinates: 53.6, 60.2) and allianceists can find Brakoss in the town hall of Sturmschild (coordinates: 44.8, 75.0).

In addition to the quartermaster’s offer, if you reach the reputation level ?? reverent, you can earn the reputation achievement ?? Arakkoa outcasts ”. This success also counts as a partial criterion for the meta-success “Wild Friends” (achieves the status “awesome” with 3 Draenor factions). In addition, you will receive the achievement “The Claw King is dead, long live the Claw King” – which gives you the title “Claw King” ”and the garrison follower ?? Claw Guard Kurekk” – if you complete the quest line ?? Terokk’s Legacy “and reach the reputation level ?? exalted”.

Reputation level: Friendly

object category function costs
Elixir of the arakkoa Buffs Has a chance to deal Fire damage and increases movement speed by 5%. Lasts for 30 minutes. Can only be used on Arak Spikes. 5 gold, 1 apexis crystal

Reputation Level: Benevolent

object category function costs
Protector of the Saberon Equipment (jewelry) +138 multiple strikes. Equip: Your offensive skills have a chance to summon a Saberon Bodyguard to fight by your side for 12 seconds. 500 gold

Reputation Level: Revered

object category function costs
Wings of the outcast Other Use: Slows your fall speed for 2 min. (3 min cooldown) 1,000 gold
Son of Sethe Battle pet Teaches you how to summon this pet. 1,000 gold, 2,000 apexis crystals

Reputation Level: Exalted

object category function costs
Shadow Mane Striker Mount (account wide) Teaches you how to summon this mount. 5,000 gold, 5,000 apexis crystals
Tabard of the outcast arakkoa Tabard Binds when picked up. 100 gold

Archaeologists can also benefit from reputation with the Arakkoa outcasts. The two traders “Srikka” (Horde, coordinates: 74.6, 31.8) and Grakis (Alliance, coordinates: 49.0, 33.8) offer two other items with the reputation level “reverent” in addition to their other offerings.

Reputation Level: Exalted

object category function costs
Guiding stone of the Draenor archaeologist Other Use: Teleports you to a randomly selected active dig site in Draenor. (30 min cooldown). 1 restored artifact
Draenor Archaeologist’s Map Other Use: Randomly distribute your archaeological dig sites across Draenor. (30 min cooldown). 1 restored artifact

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