Xbox 360 controller is most popular with Steam players

While many see on the PC a platform dedicated to gaming with mouse and keyboard, many people use more “conventional” controls to enjoy the games for the “Master Race”. Proof of this is the recent research released by Steam that shows which are the preferred controls of those who use the system for fun.

According to data released by the company, 45% of those who use a controller opted for the Xbox 360 gamepad – which has a wireless adapter and a version with USB connection perfect for the PC. Second is Dual Shock 4 (20%), which almost equaled with the Xbox One controller (19%).

Switch Pro Controller is growing

One of the curious aspects of the research is that at least 195 thousand people use the SNES controller to play, with 118 thousand players using accessories such as racing controller, Nintendo 64 gamepad or dance mats, among other products. One option that has been gaining ground since May this year is the Switch’s Pro Controller, which gained almost half a million users after official support arrived on Steam.

The numbers are the result of an action initiated in 2015 by Valve, which decided to bring to Steam the responsibility of supporting the largest number of controls possible – something that was previously up to each individual developer. In addition to ensuring the compatibility of various accessories, the company also offers systems for players to create their own settings and share them with other users.