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Xbox 360 hard drive transfer

Xbox 360 hard drive transfer

There are many reasons to get a new Xbox 360. The most likely is that the old console passed away from the land of functional consumer goods due to a heat problem with a red ring of death and a repair outside of the warranty period no longer pays off. Other motifs are in the HDMI output of the newer devices (better picture), smaller power supplies (lower power consumption), black housing color (cooler) and larger hard drives (more convenient game management). In other words: You can’t avoid getting a fresh Xbox in the long run.

With the purchase of the new Xbox, however, new difficulties arise. How do you get the Xbox Live arcade games that you’ve already downloaded onto the new hard drive? What happens to all the saved games from previous adventures? Or the purchased download extensions? Do you have to start from scratch again? No. With the following instructions you will get a point-by-point explanation in 20 steps of what to do after buying the new console in order to get started again quickly.

Phase a: Get the accessories! The new console is at home in front of the television. For example, those who indulged in a super elite now have a 250 gigabyte hard drive. A monster that can easily accommodate the old data. So the first step is to make sure that you can copy the contents of the old hard drive to the new one. This only works once and you need a so-called data transfer kit from Microsoft. This consists of a cable with which you connect the two hard drives and an installation CD. Step 1: Get the data transfer kit!

Until a few weeks ago this cable was available free of charge from Microsoft. Microsoft can now pay for this service at EUR 10.90 (as of December 28, 2009). Contact Customer Service to order the kit: Contact Microsoft Customer Service. However, it can take several weeks for the package to reach you.

If you are smart, ask your friends or local specialist dealers beforehand whether they can lend you a kit. Make sure to get a new one if possible, because the very old transfer kits do not work with all hard disk combinations. Anyone who has bought a larger hard drive as an individual accessory instead of a new console should, by the way, find the transfer kit as a supplement in the package, at least for the 120 gigabyte hard drive.

In the meantime, a large hard drive has become standard, like the Super Elite.

Phase B: Copy the hard drive! As soon as you get hold of a data transfer kit, the hard drive transfer can begin. Warning: If you have already saved fresh data on the new hard drive, it will be overwritten during the following action. If you want to keep them, you have to move them to a memory card. On to the hard drive transfer …

step 2: Insert the data transfer CD into your new console.

step 3: Starts the transfer disk in the Xbox user interface.

Step 4: Confirmed with ?? Next ?? your will to disk transfer.

Step 5A: Now put your old hard drive on the new console as described on the television and then connect?

Step 5B: ??. your new hard drive with the help of the data transfer cable via the rear USB input with the console.

Step 6: Confirmed with? Transfer content ?? and ?? format and transfer ?? the start of the hard drive transfer.

Step 7: Waiting. The process usually takes over an hour, depending on how full your old hard drive is.

Step 8A: When the console tells you that the transfer is finished, you can take the CD out of the drive. The error message is normal, just take note of it.

Step 8B: Which contents could not be transferred in detail and turned into ?? Unknown games ?? transform is difficult to say. You have to expect smaller losses.

Step 8C: Content classified as unknown can no longer be downloaded.