Could Xbox Edinburgh and Count be other console models?

The fact that Microsoft is working on several SKUs for the new generation Xbox is something that has been an open secret for over a year. But while names like Anaconda and Lockhart are already known, it seems that Microsoft may also have something else.

As recently discovered by bllyhlbrt on Twitter, there are references to several Xbox code names in the Xbox One operating system. You can find both Anaconda (which is the Series X) and Lockhart, as well as Dante (the code name for the devkit of the Series X with a “Lockhart mode”).

Interestingly, however, there are also references to “Edinburgh” and “Count” in the code. As to what it could be, we have no idea. While it is possible that Microsoft is working on even more dedicated variants for its next-generation console, it seems somewhat unlikely, as they already have two to work with.

Nothing has been confirmed by Microsoft so far.

Series X should be released in August and Lockhart in October (rumor)

THE Xbox Series X, Microsoft’s next-generation console, will be launched later this year, while several reports in recent weeks have also pointed to the announcement of Lockhart, the weaker variant, which will presumably be released alongside the Series X. However, according to a new report, it appears that Microsoft’s original plans for the release schedule for both consoles were slightly different.

In a report talking about recent leaks on Xbox Lockhart, Thurrott’s Brad Sams says Microsoft’s original plans for the console were to launch in mid-October. Surprisingly, the launch of the Xbox Series X a few months before that, was also part of that plan. Sams mentions that these plans probably changed later, but it does not matter whether this was due to natural schedule changes or external factors, such as the pandemic.

In addition, the report also mentions that Microsoft’s internal timeline for the disclosure and release of Lockhart is quite fluid and therefore it is not easy to set an exact date for both. Sams adds, however, that an official announcement should arrive “sooner or later”.

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