Xbox Game Pass offers more than one hundred games available through a monthly, quarterly and annual subscription. The wide choice of titles of different genres means that the service is loved by Xbox and PC players, both for quantity and quality.

The Twitter user and insider Klobrille for the occasion it has drawn up an infographic in which all the data of the service of the last three months are grouped: in the months of February, March and April, 43 games for console and 36 for PC were added to the Xbox Game Pass . At launch, 14 games were also present in the subscription service and 6 of these were first-party games. In total, the average number of titles released per month stands at 19, reaching a total of 57 games in three months.

Of these titles, 8 were rated “Mighty” within Opencritic, 19 were rated “Strong”, 13 “Fair” and 5 “Weak”. The quality of the games in the subscription service therefore turns out to be well above expectations. And among these games, Red Dead Redemtpion 2, the most recent Rockstar Game title that has been incredibly successful, will arrive on Xbox Game Pass in May.

Game Pass Ultimate offers insane value. I think this is pretty much known at this point. But just how good it is?

That’s why I analyzed the last three months of Game Pass Ultimate – with stats that show the service is completely overdelivering in new content & quality games.

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It therefore remains to be seen what the next surprises Xbox Game Pass will have for gamers. If you are curious to try some of the games on the service, know that at the cost of one euro you can try it for three months.

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