Xbox game sales fell, but subscription revenue increased

Needless to say, subscription services are the future. Not just in games, in everything and everything. But it is becoming more and more prominent in games like the Xbox Game Pass and, of course, there is the original Xbox Live service. Although overall revenue and hardware sales are falling, these services are growing.

As revealed in a conference Microsoft’s fiscal year, Game Pass and Xbox Live had a good quarter. Game Pass users have more than doubled year after year, although real numbers for the service are not yet being provided. Xbox Live also did well, as Active Monthly Users set a new record in the last quarter, which occurred between October 1st and December 31st.

Considering the importance of the Game Pass for Microsoft, numbers like these show that it appears to be as sustainable as the Xbox Phil Spencer. This, combined with strong continuous numbers from Xbox Live, shows that hardware services may well be a viable business strategy for the company in the future.