Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass are doing very well in 2020

We read that in new figures from Microsoft Xbox Live, Xbox Game Pass and Project xCloud doing very well in 2020 for the time being.

Head of Communications Frank X. Shaw says via Twitter that Xbox Live currently has nearly 90 million monthly active users and that there are now more than ten million Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Project xCloud is also doing very well, because hundreds of thousands of people in seven countries are currently testing the new streaming service.

Another interesting fact about the impact of corona on Xbox gamers: since March, Xbox Game Pass users have added a total of 23 million additional friends on Xbox Live. That is an increase of no less than 70%. Furthermore, twice as many Xbox Game Pass users have ventured into multiplayer modes, which is good for an increase of 130%. In addition, 40% of all users indicated that they currently play more games, 90% of them played games that they would not play otherwise.

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