XBOX Live Friends, your Live friends on your Mac

On February 13 of this year, we were talking about MacLive, a software for Mac that allowed us to see the status of your XBOX Live friends. Today we bring you a similar application, XBOX Live Friends, which unlike the previous one has a much more solid appearance and a much friendlier interface, as well as the ability to view scores and achievements and send messages to our friends.

What does the program offer us? Its features include:

  • Secure log in with Live ID / Passport
  • Easily Sortable Achievement Lists
  • Score lists
  • Viewing all messages from Xbox Live
  • Automatic Updates

XBOX Live Friends is free. You must have Safari running for the program to work, since the login is done with that browser. Another thing, if you get an error message in the window, try changing the size of the window or pressing the green button on the window. Sometimes this happens to me, but in general the program works quite well.