Xbox Live: limited some services and features due to the Coronavirus emergency

The global emergency caused by the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has already forced Sony to declare that PlayStation game downloads in Europe could be slightly slower, this in order not to congest the network in the countries most affected by the pandemic. Now, too Microsoft has decided to limit the services of Xbox Live for the same reason.

In this period in which everyone is forced to stay in their homes, to avoid the spread of the infection from COVID-19, a greater number of people connected has been found and a huge increase in connected users has been recorded on Xbox Live.

Tom Warren of The Verge said on Twitter: “Microsoft reported a HUGE 775% increase in demand for cloud services.” As a result, the Redmond giant will limit some features, such as uploading custom profile photos or video resolution for streaming services. In the US, in particular, there has been an exponential increase in the number of accesses to Xbox Live, following the stronger measures to contain the contagion.

Microsoft reporting HUGE 775% increase in cloud services demand. Here’s what the company is doing as a result:

? custom Xbox gamerpics disabled
? Xbox game downloads during off-peak hours
? Microsoft Teams video resolution changes

Full details here:

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Source: Twitter.