We are slowly getting closer to launching next-gen consoles and having discovered the specifics of Xbox Series X is PS5, fans are eager to understand what the generational leap will actually be in the next games.

As it turns out, we can expect a really huge leap with Xbox Series X given that Phil Spencer he even compared it to the leap that took place with the transition from 2D to 3D.

To a question posed on Twitter, focused on ray tracing and photogrammetry, the Xbox boss responded by shifting the focus to Dynamic Latency Input (DLI) technology.

“The ray tracing on consoles will be great. But I’m much more focused on the work we’re doing with the Dynamic Latency Input (DLI). In my opinion, the perception of games will change dramatically with this generation as in the era of transition from 2D to 3D, thanks to the upgrade of CPU, DLI, memory bandwidth and thanks to SSDs “.

RT on console will be great. I’m very focused on the work we are doing around Dynamic Latency Input (DLI). In my view the feel of games this upcoming generation will change as dramatically as any since 2D to 3D given CPU upgrade, DLI, memory bandwidth and SSD.

– Phil Spencer (@ XboxP3) April 27, 2020 Manage cookie settings

Strong words those of Spencer, which do nothing but feed the curiosity of fans eagerly waiting for Series X.

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Source: Twitter.

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