Xbox Series X: Digital Foundry examines the console, its design and its cooling system

Xbox Series X promises to be a respectable console, able to combine power, practicality and innovation. Digital Foundry submitted the next-gen of Microsoft after a long and careful examination and discovered some noteworthy details about a component of vital importance to the functioning of the hardware: the heat dissipation system.

According to what was explained by Jim Wahl, director of mechanical engineering at Microsoft, Xbox Series X will adopt a special cooling system: cold air enters the console from the bottom and passes through all internal components, cooling the affected areas. Then the large fan on top gets rid of the hot air cleanly and quietly – Microsoft engineers call it a “parallel cooling architecture”.

“The three airflow channels evenly distribute the temperatures generated by the advanced internal components, keeping the console cool and quiet. The innovative parallel cooling structure allows for stunning gaming experiences with incredible graphics fidelity and performance.”

Speaking of the fan, Microsoft said it took a long time to decide the number of blades and their shape, so that the result could be optimal and as quiet as possible. Thanks to the team’s efforts, the Xbox Series X will have 70% more air exchange and a heatsink that is 20% more effective than the current generation.

As we all know, overheating of the console is a very felt problem and is one of the main causes of their breakage or, in less serious cases, of excessive ventilation noise, very annoying. If Xbox Series X can deliver on these promises, then Microsoft’s next-gen console will solve two big problems in one fell swoop.

We just have to hope the same from Sony and PlayStation 5. What do you think?

Source: Youtube