Xbox Series X: this is the new Microsoft console that has just been presented

We start with the news of the last gala of The Game Awards. Nobody expected it but Microsoft has presented Xbox Series X, its new console that will arrive at Christmas 2020. Its design will allow us to place it both vertically and horizontally. Microsoft says that it has 4 times the power of Xbox One X and that it will be efficient and quiet to play thousands of Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One games.

“It will allow developers to extract even more from the Xbox Series X GPU and our next generation SSD, which will virtually eliminate load times and bring gamers to their game worlds faster than ever before.”

At the numbers level, they promise 4K graphics at 60fps compatible with 120fps, variable refresh rate and 8K resolution thanks to the Zen 2 processor and AMD’s next generation RDNA architecture.

As for the new command, it will have a share button to share screenshots and videos. The crosshead has also been improved. In addition, the Xbox One controllers will continue to be compatible.