During the morning we reported the news according to which Microsoft could give a presentation in May. But what will the arguments be?

Well, further rumors indicate what could be presented: obviously the exceptional protagonist will be Xbox Series X, but according to rumors, it could also be announced Lockhart, the cheapest, discless version of the next-gen console. The leaks come courtesy of Windows Central, which states that Xbox Series X Lockhart is ready to be tested at home by Xbox employees, similar to how company employees began testing Project xCloud on PC in March. . During this time, staff are said to be providing feedback on the console, which indicates to Windows Central that it won’t be long before the console in question is revealed to the public. Microsoft is also rumored to announce new Surface hardware in May.

Also during the presentation, Microsoft may decide to reveal some details about the new Fable, a title highly anticipated by fans. The development studio, after an initial crisis period, recently hired former developers from BioWare, Rockstead, Ninja Theory, Guerrilla Games and EA Motive. Also Halo Infinite could find a space, given that the game should arrive at the end of 2020 together with Xbox Series X.

Ultimately, Microsoft could happily show other third party games for its next console as well. Obviously these are only guesses, nothing is certain yet so take this news with due precautions. The fact remains that if Microsoft has a presentation planned, we won’t have to wait long for a possible announcement.

Source: VG247

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