Xbox Wireless Controller, one of the best controllers to play on our iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV

More and more Apple platforms are looking to the world of video games. From new titles to the same Apple Arcade subscription service to third-party controller support, we have several indicators of the importance of gaming on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. In the field of hardware one of the most important points is a good game controller like the one Microsoft sells: the Xbox Wireless Controller.

Design: extremely comfortable and balanced

At the design level, the unit that Microsoft has given us for testing Features Armed Forces II finish, inspired by camouflage colors. If we want to purchase the remote through the Apple Store, the only option available is the white finish.

Ergonomically, the Xbox Wireless Controller is a gem, the balance of weight, size, proportions, and comfort in hand invite you to continue playing. What’s more, all buttons and joysticks are perfectly calibrated so that they respond appropriately to our movements.

As for the battery, This control is powered by two AA batteries, allowing us to find replacements in almost any scenario without having to carry chargers when we are, for example, traveling.

Apple Arcade, Apple TV, and Xbox Wireless Controller

Getting fully into Apple and video games, the first thing we have to talk about is Apple Arcade. It is important to know that some Apple Arcade games require a game controller to be used, something that, it must be said, draws attention, as Apple only sells third-party controls.

Beyond the games that require a controller yes or yes, the rest of the catalog benefits from it to a greater or lesser extent. Certain games designed for the simplest controls of the Siri Remote only use a button on the controller, while others use they even offer to customize the controls to our liking.

Let’s keep in mind that we can control the Apple TV completely, without Siri or the volume on the TV, using a game controller like this one from the Xbox.

What games are supported?

The Apple TV interface itself is compatible with this remote. Thus, Although the app was not optimized for this, we will have the minimum control using the joystick.

How do they adapt to command?

Depends. Some games simply offer the minimum options of the A button, which is equivalent to a press on the Siri Remote, and the left joystick, which is equivalent to sliding on the touch part of the Remote. Others They take advantage of the six buttons and three joysticks of the Xbox controller to allow us a much more intuitive game dynamics.

Highlights for example the game Oceanhorn 2, which is fully optimized to play with a controller, or Agent Intercept which is, at least in my opinion, much easier to play using it.

Configuration required?

Minimal. All we have to do is connect the controller to the device. Once we have turned it on by touching the Xbox logo in the center of the controller, we press the orange connection button for three seconds. Next, in the Bluetooth menu or panel on our iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV we touch the Connect button next to Xbox Controller.

From this first connection every time we turn on the remote it will connect to the device, if we want to connect it to another device we simply repeat the process.

How is the battery of the controller and the iPhone / iPad / Mac?

The energy consumption of the control itself is minimal. After several hours of using it or simply leaving it connected to an iPad or Mac the battery is still at full capacity.

Regarding the consumption of extra battery in an iPhone, iPad or Mac, taking into account that it is a Bluetooth connection such as that of an Apple Watch or AirPods, the impact is imperceptible.

While we wait for rumors of a game controller developed by Apple itself and that it would be sold alongside a new Apple TV, we have several third-party options for enjoying games on Apple platforms. And among all these options, this Microsoft remote is the best of the best.