XCOM 2 Collection lands today on the iPhone and iPad: we have tested it

Twenty years after losing the war against the alien invasion, a small group of the XCOM resistance tries to confront the totalitarian and military regime that dominates the world. This is how XCOM 2 Collection starts, the latest installment of Feral Interactive developed by Firaxis Games. A game that comes to the iPhone and iPad for the first time, having debuted on PC and console in 2016.

During these last weeks, we have been able to test the game that launches today in the App Store. An adaptation whose controls are quite satisfactory.

The dystopian future of XCOM 2 Collection

After the failure of the war, it remains to fight the alien enemy from the shadows. Resistance in the form of XCOM survives with its base in a lost desert from which he organizes his missions. Known as ADVENT, it is a world totalitarian government that has the population subdued through propaganda, restrictions and curfews.

In the first mission, a resistance group rescues the Commander from a secret ADVENT facility. In his genetic research, have created hybrid soldiers between humans and aliens. And now he intends to harness this for an unknown project called Avatar.

Without going any further in history, throughout the different missions we will learn about the plans of this government. The Elders who run it they will not make it easy and our duty will be to resist and thwart their machinations.

A turn-based strategy game where managing the team is essential

Feral Interactive is back in the news for this port for iPhone and iPad, which reminds us of who last month saw the light under the name of Company of Heroes. This time, XCOM 2 is a turn-based strategy game rather than real-time, but the mechanics are similar. From a vertical perspective, we will be able to manage our troops throughout a stage.

Much more focused on the need to hide and go unnoticed to complete the missionWe will only handle a handful of soldiers. There are five types of fighters: Soldier, Grenadier, Specialist, Sniper, and the Psi Operative. The latter has mental powers inherited from the alien race.

You will have to be especially careful with your team, since if one of them dies in combat, they will do it forever. This adds a new dimension to the game, making it more restrained and strategic and avoiding direct confrontations with the enemy. In case of being injured, we can heal it or drag it and evacuate it to cancel the mission. If he dies, we can loot his corpse to try to get his best equipment.

XCOM 2 brings the same PC and console experience to the iPad and iPhone, including all the expansions of this strategy game

With each mission, fighters gain experience that you can use to level up or unlock special abilities. Thus, we see how it is essential to take care of and keep your most experienced troops alive.

Moving forward without being seen, taking safe positions, always being covered and avoiding open spaces are skills that you will develop compulsively. The first death of a valuable team member is not forgotten and will mark the way you play.

XCOM 2 Collection: price and expansions included

XCOM 2 launched in 2016 on other platforms and is now coming to iPhones and iPads. In this time, it has also seen the arrival of several DLC that were sold separately. Specifically, XCOM 2: War of the Chosen includes Alien Hunters, Shen’s Last Gift, Anarchy’s Children, and Resistance Warrior Pack. But now, Feral has decided that a complete pack will arrive to Apple platforms.

XCOM 2 includes four DLCs that make up the complete collection. The price for iPad and iPhone is 27.99 euros, an unusual one on these platforms. In return, we receive the full game without having to purchase anything within the app.