Xiaomi tests a new volume control in MIUI 12 for each application

The Chinese beta of MIUI 12 continues to push the news for Xiaomi mobiles, this time related to sound: the custom layer allows multiple apps play at the same time offering volume control for each of the floating sound widget.

With the arrival of MIUI 12 in part of the Xiaomi catalog, there are a lot of novelties that land with the version of the cape, also a lot the improvements that continue to be introduced in the Chinese beta. And one of those improvements is the new volume control, a way to select the audio level for each app. Everything in a simple way and allowing applications to ring in unison.

Volume control for multiple apps in MIUI 12

New volume control for each application. XDA Developer Screenshots

The latest introduced in MIUI 12 allows the phone to be updated to this layer version can launch multiple apps with sound at the same time. This implies that you can listen to a YouTube video while the audio of a tweet continues in the background. And, to improve the fit of each app, the volume control can not only be applied globally on the phone audio, but allows you to adjust the volume of each application during playback.

The novelty is present in the latest Chinese beta of MIUI 12, as specified by the XDA developers. ROM testers can listen to multiple applications at the same time and manage them application by application from the floating volume control. This control can be configured to be configured for the entire media volume and, if multiple applications are playing at the same time, each can be selected to specify the level individually. This way the audio from the player is not cut off when a video is played on social networks, for example; with the possibility of choosing what volume each one sounds so as not to lose the reproduction of any source.

The setting is not active by default because you have to go to MIUI settings and select it from sound and vibration options. Once active, the options will be displayed by the applications by pressing the volume buttons; as long as there are two apps with audio playback at the same time.

The new volume control is not active by default: you have to configure it from MIUI 12 settings (in Chinese beta)

This new MIUI 12 is in Chinese beta, so it will still take some time to reach the globally distributed stable version. Of course, it can be tested in the weekly ROM with MIUI 12 from Xiaomi.eu.

Source: Frandroid