Deep Silver’s ending of its collaboration with Yager on the development of Dead Island 2 was a “disastrous blow” for the development studio.

Yager’s Managing Director Timo Ullmann spoke to GamesIndustry about the topic. Yager had therefore already invested three years in Dead Island 2, after the end of the cooperation the responsible development team had to be dissolved.

“When a project is canceled at such a late stage, it’s a catastrophic event on many levels,” he says. “It’s really the worst possible outcome. Everyone involved loses.”

For Yager it was a heavy blow, but not the end.

“Internally, we have informed the employees in advance of what will happen. And that’s something we usually do. We’re talking plainly about what’s going to happen and why it’s happening.”

They are currently working on another project called Dreadnought. It is unclear how Dead Island 2 will continue.

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