This day has finally come. Someone, in their right mind, created a Battle Royale version of Super Mario.

The work is by the American youtuber known as InfernoPlus, who spent the last three weeks programming and developing his interpretation of what a version of classic Super Mario would look like with a hint of Fortnite. And with that came what he called “Mario Royale”, a race between 99 players to be the first to defeat Bowser and rescue Princess Peach.

There are some interesting details on this journey. The 99 contestants are like “ghosts” and can only interact with each other through the game environment. This means that you can eliminate some opponents by catching a star or dropping a hull in their direction, not to mention that the fight for resources – and time – is very fierce.

You can find out more about this project in the video below, where YouTube explains all the details of Mario Royale in English.

It is worth remembering that the project is made by fans and has no connection with Nintendo. But let’s face it: YouTuber brought a very interesting idea for players to experience Super Mario in a very different way, right?