In an interview, Takashi tezuka and Shigefumi hino, developers of the mythical Super Mario Bros, They claimed that Yoshi was not originally going to be a dinosaur. His main intention was for the mythical Nintendo character to be a horse. Mario’s faithful little green dinosaur was initially raised as a thoroughbred, and after having thought better of it, the beloved character took the form that we all recognize today.

The interview was conducted a few months ago at the presentation of Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES, in which they talked about the different classic video games that are currently available for this retro console.

Takashi tezuka stated on the creation of the little dinosaur:

“Shigeru Miyamoto wanted Mario to ride a horse! When we were doing Super Mario Bros. 3, he drew a picture of Mario on a horse and hung it on a wall near where he used to sit. I would see it and think, “I think he really wants Mario to mount something.”

After the release of the game, and when the studio began working on Super Mario World, Yoshi as we know him was born.

“When we started making Super Mario World, we started working with the concept of a dinosaur land, so I asked Hino to make some kind of reptile art.”

Yoshi today

As many of you know, Nintendo is working on the development of an exclusive game in which Yoshi will be the protagonist, of course, in Nintendo Switch. We do not know when it will hit the market and in the past Nintendo Direct Mini, “The big N” did not lift its peak over its release date. Let’s hope that the adventures of the mythical and beloved Nintendo dinosaur arrives, at least, during this 2018.

Did you know this curiosity about Yoshi? What do you prefer, be it a dinosaur or a horse?