Chicken Police has received its first demo, so anyone who wants a slow-paced yet exciting investigation can throw themselves into it.

The game of The Wild Gentlemen team, which consists entirely of Hungarian members, is far from average, as it is based on a rather exciting concept. At the heart of the adventure are two detectives trying to get to the end of a mysterious affair in a noir-inspired adventure. Chicken Police can now be tried out with a demo, so anyone can immerse themselves before the release, for free.

It is particularly interesting to see why video game developers come up from time to time with games in which anthropomorphic animals investigate among noir sets. Recently, Blacksad: Under the Skin came up with a similar concept, and now Chicken Police is jumping into that as well. Of course, apart from this, there are a lot of differences between the two games, but the work of the Hungarian team does not seem far less ambitious:

Chicken Police received more than 8 hours of quality (English) dubbing, for which the London studio, who was also involved in The Wolf Among Us or Horizon: Zero Dawn, was responsible. According to the creators, Dr. Bubó and the Cat Catcher also inspired them during the creation of the story, so the Hungarian audience will appreciate it separately.

In addition, the game can be played with Hungarian subtitles, so no one should be afraid that their attention will slip over something during the investigation of roosters. The release is scheduled for later this year, but anyone who would try Chicken Police right now will have the demo available on Steam.

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