The voices of Károly Moser and Ilona Molnár immediately beat the hearts of Star Wars: The Clone Wars fans, but it is very important that it is not an official material, but just a fan work.

Season 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars ran exclusively on the Disney + streaming platform, so we will definitely have to wait for the Disney service to finally be available in Hungary in the case of the Hungarian premiere. Of course, the domestic premiere of Disney + does not mean that the exclusive contents of the platform will immediately receive Hungarian subtitles, or even dubbed, we had to wait for years for these in the case of Netflix as well.

In any case, one of the scenes of the last, seventh season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars can already be watched with Hungarian dubbing, and our amateur dubbing actors do not play our favorites, but professionals contributed to the fan project. THE “Clone Wars Holo desk “fan conversation was recently attended by Károly Moser, Anakin Skywalker’s series voice, and Ilona Molnár (also known as Ahsoka Tano) was invited, who unfortunately could not come in. one line at a time for the scene shown in the video below. And this synchronized scene was added to Rixon’s Cantina YouTube channel for Star Wars content yesterday.

It’s a wonderful feeling to hear Anakin and Ahsoka with the usual sounds again, of course, but don’t forget, it’s just a fan project, an unofficial dub, so no one can expect to enjoy the whole series in a similar form in the near future.

In addition to the mentioned channel, the Clone Wars Holo Desk and the fan project were created thanks to the joint work of The Force Alliance-Hungarian Galactic Fan Club, the Star Wars Miniatures Portal, the 501th Legion Hungarian garrison, and the Hungarian LEGO Star Wars Club.

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