you can now download Instagram Lite

In addition to the ‘normal’ version for mobile phones, Instagram offers a reduced app for India that has been out of circulation for a few months. You are now back on Google Play. And although it cannot be downloaded beyond India, it is worth installing Instagram as an APK if you are looking for one. clean experience, without artifice and even ad-free.

Few services were adding as much news to their platform as Facebook has done with Instagram, a whole barrage of news that they distorted the foundation of the platform: sharing photos. What if Stories, what if a store, what if the short videos of Reels, direct messaging … Instagram accumulates such a number of functions that its weight and energy expenditure are exaggerated. So do you need a much cleaner experience? Well, there is a solution: Instagram Lite.

Instagram Lite: the best of the platform in less than 2 MB

As we can read in XDA Developers, the application has returned to the Google Play Store in India with the cleanest experience. Most likely, you will not be able to download the application since it is geographically limited, but nothing prevents you from trying the APK. You could not ask for more for the 2 MB that the file weighs.

Instagram Lite offers maximum cleaning at the cost of reducing weight as much as possible. Basically the app embeds the mobile version maintaining the aesthetic of Instagram while eliminating private messaging, reels, the store and ads. The Lite version does maintain the wall of photos, it offers the option to upload content (to feed and as Story), maintains the Stories and the notification system. The interface is simple and recognizable, similar to ‘ordinary’ Instagram. Although without dark mode.

The latest version of Instagram Lite can be downloaded from pages like Apk Mirror. Its operation is somewhat slower than that offered by the full application. In return, it is much lighter and consumes fewer resources.

Instagram Lite