Portrait mode is one of the most popular in current smartphones, Apple launched it in 2016 as an exclusive function of the iPhone 7 Plus, the first to incorporate a double rear camera. Over time this mode has been improving and incorporating new features and filters, but there is something missing: a portrait mode when recording a video.

It is not something easy to achieve, in portrait mode the iPhone processor must perform a large number of calculations, and that being a static image, in a video everything gets more complicated. However, a well-known developer has just launched a video app that is capable of recording in portrait mode with the iPhone.

The application is called Live Spotlights, and it is developed by Xiaodong Wang, also responsible for the popular application Spotlights, which brings portrait mode to any iPhone and any photograph. Now it has been launched with an exclusive video app, which allows us to make a lot of adjustments, including applying a portrait mode to our videos.

The app to make videos in portrait mode from the iPhone

Getting videos with portrait mode was until now impossible on the iPhone, some apps had tried it but with quite disappointing results. Now Focos Live arrives with a portrait mode for video that surprises. Ben Geskin has tested the app and can see the results in the two videos he uploaded.

iPhone 11 – ‘Live Spotlights’ video pic.twitter.com/bO3Fi08B3V

– Ben Geskin (@BenGeskin) July 6, 2020

As you can see, in the second video you can see a blur that we did not have in the first. Focos Live is a complete video editor, which among many other functions has the portrait mode for videos. The app is completely free and allows you to record videos with portrait mode from your iPhone and export them with 720p quality. To unlock many more recording options and better video qualities we can subscribe for 2.99 euros per month, 9.99 euros per year or unlock all functions for 16.99 euros.

Live Spotlights Features:

  • Possibility of creating videos in portrait mode, with depth data in double, triple cameras and with front FaceID.
  • Continuous focus point change function to keep track of the subject and aperture size.
  • Multiple choice simulated aperture diaphragms to generate different bokeh effects.
  • Multi-layer function to fit at least four different videos on a single screen.
  • Adjustment layer for each option.
  • Ability to speed up and rewind videos to create custom videos.
  • Standalone audio editor to manage music and sounds.
  • Function to export videos as screenshots, animated GIFs or 4K & 60fps.
  • Option to import 3DL and CUBE files as custom filters.

The results are quite interestingWhen you record the video, a kind of depth map appears on which the app relies to generate portrait mode. It is compatible with iPhone or iPad with iOS 12 onwards, have one, two or three rear cameras, although it also works with the front Face ID camera. It is also fully translated into Spanish.

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