Just over a year after the release of God of War, a game that reshaped the gameplay and the typical scenario of the franchise, Sony released a documentary that helps to understand a little more its production process. Available for free on YouTube, God of War – Raising Kratos represents the first time that the company is so open about the backstage of one of its main games.

According to Sony, the documentary was assembled from more than 400 hours of raw footage and is the result of 3 years of work that, in many parts, was confused with the game’s development. The focus is both on the risks that Santa Monica Studio took when changing the series and on the human aspects, the doubts and difficulties faced by the team that went through the process.

“The ultimate goal was to go beyond a ‘making of’ and explore more deeply the experiences of those who spent the time and effort to create something great,” said Scott Rohde, head of game development at Worldwide Studios. Almost two hours long, the documentary is a full plate for those who like the series and want to understand Kratos’ changes in the latest God of War.

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