Now anyone can see what condition Galaxy in Turmoil is currently in, which would have originally been a new Star Wars Battlefront.

The developers at Frontwire Studios are not idle and working with steam power on the sci-fi shooting range Galaxy in Turmoil, which started out as a Star Wars game, but due to legal issues, the guys eventually created a unique world for it. And now they saw the time had come to open the gates of the game to the general public.

I still don’t know for sure when the Galaxy in Turmoil will be released, but we can try the demo on Steam. There are a total of four playable modes, a number of castes to choose from, and exciting battles await those who choose to take a look at the game in progress. If you did, you can download it here.

Meanwhile, the studio has also launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise a total of $ 500,000 to keep development going smoothly and put a game on the table that players will be happy with.

How do you like Galaxy in Turmoil so far?