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If you know what a VPN is and its possibilities, then you will be clear that it is one of the essential tools to surf the internet more safely. One of the most complete VPN services is from NordVPN and now you can choose to win an annual subscription precisely for this free tool. Want a free annual NordVPN subscription? We tell you how to do it in this article. There are ten available!

How to win a free annual NordVPN subscription

To be eligible to win a free annual NordVPN subscription you can participate through Instagram, Twitter or both, since in each social network 5 different subscriptions are raffled, so you can participate in both.

If you do it through Instagram, you must complete the following actions:

  • Follow @SamaGame on Instagram.
  • Follow aa @nordvpn on Instagram.
  • Write in the comments of this Instagram post why you need a VPN and mention 2 friends.
  • Fast and easy. You have time to do it until December 21, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. (peninsular time). Giveaway valid only for Spain. Here you have more information and the legal bases.

    If you participate via Twitter, you will have to do the following:

  • Follow @SamaGame.
  • Follow @NordVPN
  • RT this tweet.
  • The conditions do not change: You can participate until the day December 21, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. (Peninsular time), the draw is only valid for Spain. Here you have more information and the legal bases.

    ? SWEEPSTAKES! Do you want to have a VPN for safe and private browsing? We raffle 5 annual subscriptions to @NordVPN ?

    1️⃣ Follow @SamaGame
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    You can participate until 12/21/2020.
    Legal bases ➡

    Luck! ?

    – SamaGame (amaSamaGame) December 16, 2020

    A VPN, stands for Virtual Private Network, is a virtual private network that allows you to create a local network without the need for its members to be physically connected to each other, but through the Internet. So you get the advantages of the local network (and other extras) with greater flexibility

    The fundamental consequence of browsing the internet through a VPN is that it achieves safer and more private browsing.

    NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN providers for the security it offers, the privacy options, its assistance and its ease of configuration, both on macOS, Windows or GNU / Linux, because it is also multi-device.

    Come and participate and good luck!

    Giveaway offered by SamaGame and Nord VPN.