‘Your Phone’ is now able to run multiple Android apps at the same time on Windows 10

The Your Phone application is one of Microsoft’s best projects in Windows 10. Proof that they do not stop working on it, and at a very good pace is that, after Microsoft announced the arrival of Android applications to the system, now you will be able to run more than one at a time.

The problem is, like almost all recent and notable features on Your Phone, the novelty will only be compatible with some Samsung terminals, and you will probably have to wait a long time for the function to reach many other Android terminals.

Your Phone remembers DeX more and more

DeX is Samsung’s converged system that allows you to connect some of your Galaxy to a monitor (or a television via wireless) to have a desktop-like experience without requiring a computer.

In the case of Your Phone, you need a computer, that is clear, but with today’s additions, Microsoft seems to want to get closer to that experience. Even to a point where it seems that Windows 10 and Android could end up being a hybrid.

With Your Phone you can now see a list of applications installed on Android, add them to a favorites section, and launch them from the PC directly. In addition, applications can be anchored to the Windows 10 taskbar or the Start menu, to always have them at hand. Finally, there will also be a badge that will show a number with the pending notifications of each application, as it has always happened with the Samsung layer and with iOS.

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