The simplest things are sometimes the ones that take the longest to happen. But, because better late than never, YouTube TV (finally) supports 5.1 audio on Apple TV!

The American streaming service YouTube TV allows you to enjoy a hundred television channels thanks to a monthly subscription. Good news: it is now Apple TV that will be compatible with 5.1 sound for the application.

YouTube TV: 5.1 audio deployed on Apple TV

The information comes to us directly from the YouTube TV Twitter account: 5.1 audio is now supported by Apple TV following a recent update! This concerns both live channels, recorded content (DVR) and video on demand.

So that’s pretty good news for owners of Apple TV (and Fire TV by the way). Note that 5.1 surround sound will now be the option selected by default (for compatible content) when you use YouTube TV from your Apple TV. If you want to make sure that your video is properly converted to 5.1 audio, all you have to do is go to the options and click on “find out more” to bring up the statistics.

Anyway, Apple TV now joins the few compatible television models and the many platforms that already support YouTube TV such as Google Chromecast and Android TV.

YouTube app supports 5.1 audio on Apple TV

In a tweet, YouTube TV announces that 5.1 audio support is available with live TV channels, recorded content and on-demand programs. On the other hand, user feedback shows that not all channels have 5.1 audio yet, although it is available via other providers. We can imagine that the situation will improve over the weeks.

Checking is done by launching a program, choosing the option to learn more, and viewing statistics for the currently playing program. Also, it is important to have compatible hardware to take advantage of 5.1, Google offers a dedicated support sheet available at this address.

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