Falcom created an Action RPG whose gameplay is highly addictive, to the point that you forget that practically everything else is lacking.

Originally released in the summer of 2016, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana arrived on PlayStation 4 in 2017. Now, in 2018, it was entitled to a PC version and, more recently, a hybrid version on Nintendo Switch, where we finally had the opportunity to discover Adol’s new adventure. Coming from a Japanese company with no budget for large-scale productions, Ys VIII may surprise many players by the way he puts Falcom demonstrating knowledge of what matters – the gameplay.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is an Action RPG whose gameplay can often resemble a hack and slash and although it is easy to see that graphically it is not as evolved as other games that hit the market, its merits shine much more than its many defects. There is a very good side and a less successful side in Lacrimosa of Dana, but with the deserved opportunity, you can face a game for long hours.

Like its extremely humble graphics, Ys VIII presents you with a story with little interest and a cast without major highlights. Likewise, if you like to see a good development of characters and strong narrative arcs, you will have to look elsewhere. Adol and company end up shipwrecked on the island of Seiren, a place that reserves immense mysteries and imposing creatures. While trying to find a way to escape, you will have to explore the island, defeat monsters to obtain resources, protect the village with the castaways you rescue from the exploration and run frantically through the different locations while exploring an argument without highlights.

There are many mysteries on this cursed island and many reasons why Adol will continue to run up the mountains, but none of them will truly leave you alone. Despite long embarrassed cutscenes and some fan service, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana shines in the moments when you are controlling Adol or one of several other characters in a frantic, accessible and fun combat system

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The island is huge and you will occasionally have panoramic views like this one, which impress even with the humble graphics.

In its best moments, Ys VIII recalls classics like Phantasy Star Online and even for those who have never played a previous game in the series, there are no obstacles or difficulties in accessing this new game. Adol and company travel the huge island in an incredibly fluid way, face monsters without any screen interrupting the action and execute combos in a highly accessible way. You can also use special skills and when you fill the bar, you can launch a devastating attack.

It is this fast paced and highly accessible gameplay that makes Ys VIII surprisingly addictive. The ease and speed with which all procedures are done – from defending the village in the Raids, exploring the island, quick trips, side missions, collecting items to improve equipment or weapons, finding points of prominence to face powerful bosses , everything works and entertains. Falcom does what matters most, in gameplay and this is of great value.

Ys VIII is a game that takes care of you and when you notice it, you are hooked. Even if the visuals are not much, they achieve beautiful moments and landscapes that you will enjoy enjoying. This is a feeling that can be applied to almost everything in this Action RPG, it is simple, but still things work. In the Switch version, the resolution jumps constantly when you play in mobile mode, to give primacy to the performance, achieving a firmness that makes it more fun. It is not an ambitious game in terms of technology, but it manages to highlight its charms well.

The combat system will be the real reason why you play Ys 8 and there is no problem with that.

This is a game in which you will easily spend 40 hours and there are several incentives to keep you here longer, especially as the gameplay encourages you to fight more ferocious enemies. Falcom also gets an extra benefit from Switch – it’s easy to take the game and play short sessions to train characters anywhere. When you get home you can continue and face a raid to the village or simply watch a long story cutscene.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is an extremely fun Action RPG that can grab you after a few hours. Nihon Falcom does not have the capacity to create big budget JRPGs like other Japanese companies, but it has the knowledge and desire to create appealing titles, capable of entertaining for hours on end. Lacrimosa of Dana presents a gameplay so fun that it can carry more weight than other elements less well accomplished, such as the story and the characters. If you like a good Action RPG then don’t hesitate.

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