The craze for the so-called director’s version of the film is still huge, and Snyder made an interesting remark about it with a shovel.

In November, fans began to deal with the Truth League movie again, and the “Release the Snyder Cut” movement demanded that Warner Bros. finally publish the original 214-minute version of the piece cut by Snyder. In the case of Batman v Superman, the longer version was better in the end, we might enjoy that too.

After Jason Momoa made a very positive statement about the Snyder version, and the campaign was even supported by the main characters Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck, of course Snyder himself was not left without a word. The director answered fan questions on the Vero community site and said he didn’t watch the movie version of the film for several reasons.

“The people I trust and saw the cinema and the real version, too, said I’d rather never watch the former.”

Snyder wrote on a related question. By the real version, of course, you mean your own cut, which according to the latest information does exist, but more than half of the material has not been included in the final release.

Warner Bros.’s official position remains that it won’t release the so-called Snyder-cut version, and the movement has only achieved that the film is still mentioned two years after the film’s release.

Would you like to watch Snyder’s original The League of Truth movie?

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