10 downloadable Nintendo Switch games you can’t miss in March.

Nintendo eShop, Nintendo’s virtual store, continues to bring joy non-stop to all Nintendo Switch users. We cannot stop finding treasures among its thousands of games!

The rate of pitches of downloadable games on Switch continues unstoppable. Almost every day, the Nintendo eShop it is updated to accommodate new titles that often boast enormous quality and, what is even better, an absolute capacity to surprise us.

10 downloadable Nintendo Switch games you can’t miss in March

And it is that one of the great advantages of having a platform as complete as eShop is the pleasure of losing yourself daily among your countless titles, many of which offer totally original proposals, which differ from what is established by large productions and which suppose a breath of fresh air to our way of playing.

Nintendo switch has understood perfectly the incredible possibilities that the downloadable format provides users and developers, making the hybrid console the best possible platform to host these great games, most of which reach their greatest success there.

10 downloadable Nintendo Switch games you can’t miss in March

Whether in the TV or in portable mode, alone or in company … downloadable games show their best side on Switch. And this new compilation is a great example of the enormous heights of quality and variety that we can have on our console in a matter of minutes. Enjoy them as much as we do!

1. Ghosts’ n Goblins Resurrection

One of the best classic sagas of all history returns through the front door with an incredible new adventure that we can only enjoy on Switch.

10 downloadable Nintendo Switch games you can’t miss in March

In Ghost ‘n Goblins Resurrection we return to incarnate the incombustible knight Arthur, who has an epic journey ahead of him wastes spectacularity and nostalgia on all 4 sides, or what is the same, which maintains the formula of the originals, but reimagines it to adapt it to current times.

With a beautiful graphic section, a devilish difficulty and phases in which we do not have a second respite, Arthur brings out his 8 weapons and its numerous spells in this priceless love letter for fans of the best action and platform games.

10 downloadable Nintendo Switch games you can’t miss in March

2. UnderMine

The gender of roguelike it is still one of the most prolific of the moment, but also one of the funniest. And a great example of this is Undermine, a great title of pixelated aesthetic that invites us to explore dangerous mines.

Armed only with a simple pickaxe early in the game, one of UnderMine’s great strengths is its deep upgrade system, that combines the best of roguelike, such as random dungeons or continuous kills, with some RPG mechanics.

Thus, the improvements that we are obtaining make defeat enemies, collect gold and rescue our countrymen of the mines are tasks as fun as they are deep, which makes it the classic game that hooks us hopelessly. An ideal title to enjoy in portable mode!

10 downloadable Nintendo Switch games you can’t miss in March

3. Heaven’s Vault

The work of the British studio Inkle is one of those examples of the enormous potential that downloadable titles have when it comes to propose totally new mechanics and that they move away from everything usual.

In Heaven’s Vault we assume the role of Aliyah, an archaeologist who travels with her inseparable robot. Together with them, we live a precious adventure in which the exploration and the conversations they carry great weight.

Paying attention to every phrase and every corner of the beautiful settings is not only very satisfying, but it also becomes essential when it comes to decipher an ancient language, another of our interesting tasks in the game. Without a doubt, a very special title.

10 downloadable Nintendo Switch games you can’t miss in March

4. Super Meat Boy Forever

There are characters that are cool, pieces of meat that are very appetizing … and then there is the fireproof Super Meat Boy, which mixes all this to be one of the most controversial heroes that have walked through any console.

The intrepid character returns in Super Meat Forever, a title that is proposed as a sequel to the original, but that closely follows all the elements that led him to stardom, as a great sense of humor or one high difficulty.

As the main novelty, in this continuation our meatiest hero advances automatically, so we have to sharpen our reflexes more than ever when it comes to jump from platform to platform, dodge traps or eliminate enemies.

5. Curse of the Dead Gods

The search for riches and divine power marks the development of this roguelike, in which we must explore a temple of doom packed with bottomless pits, deadly traps and dangerous monsters.

10 downloadable Nintendo Switch games you can’t miss in March

In Curse of the Dead Gods, the combats, which have a great depth, are conditioned by the curses that periodically ravage the stages, that make development change constantly and we face a great variety of situations.

Thanks to the mystical relics and a large arsenal composed of swords, spears, bows, pistols and many other weapons, the feeling of progress of our hero is constant, although at no time do we lose the feeling of challenge.

6. Kirby Fighters 2

Kirby and his friends star in this hilarious fighting game in which two to four characters they fight simultaneously in platforms with platforms.

10 downloadable Nintendo Switch games you can’t miss in March

With nothing less than 17 Kirby variants different, each with unique characteristics, the pace of the fighting is frantic, so they are ideal to play in company, either all against all or in teams of two.

The history mode, which tells us about the alliance between King Dedede and Meta Knight, is a success, as well as the control system, very simple and direct, which relies on some great scenarios full of traps and items to give us some really entertaining combats.

7. Capcom Arcade Stadium

Do you miss those unforgettable afternoons in the recreational rooms? Are you young to have lived that time? No matter what your case is, because now we can enjoy 32 classic arcade games on our Switch.

Capcom Arcade Stadium invites us on a journey that goes from 1984 to 2001, and in which we can get hold of jewels such as Bionic Commando, 1942, Final fight, Super Street Fighter II Turbo or Giga Wing, that can be purchased in different packages or in full.

The quality of the emulation of all arcade games is perfect, and they also include many advantages, such as online ranking, options quick save and different image filters. Oh, and if you want to try it at no cost, you have it very easy, since, after downloading it in eShop, the set includes 1943 – The Battle of Midway completely free of charge.

8. Sword of the Necromancer

Action, exploration and RPG overtones await us in this intense adventure, in which we have to overcome a large number of dungeons at the stroke of a spear, crossbow or sword.

Precisely, one of the great successes of this title is the presence of the Necromancer Sword, which in addition to naming the game serves to resurrect monsters that we defeated to make fight on our side.

This cool mechanic brings a lot of variety development, since each enemy has their own abilities that improve as they gain experience. What’s more, Sword of the Necromancer includes a local cooperative mode, which gives us the opportunity to fight evil together with a friend.

10 downloadable Nintendo Switch games you can’t miss in March

9. Haven

Yu and Kay, a couple in love, have decided to leave everything behind and start a new life in a world totally unknown to them.

With this attractive argument, Haven, the new work of The Game Bakers, proposes a dreamlike journey that surprises us with its beautiful artistic section and one strong narrative load, with a story that dazzles thanks to its successful dialogues.

In this magical universe we enjoy an intense adventure in which we can switch between both characters As we sprint across the stage, we wrestle with an original combat system what mix strategy, action and rhythm, and we level up preparing succulent dishes that we can cook. And all this with the possibility of enjoying the trip in cooperative mode.

10. Olija

Very attentive to Olija, a new “metroidvania“in which our mission as the gentleman Faraday is to rescue the members of our crew, who have been shipwrecked in Terraphagia, a mysterious archipelago.

10 downloadable Nintendo Switch games you can’t miss in March

This story gives rise to a great adventure who skillfully mixes exploration, platforming and combat, elements in which the magic harpoon Faraday’s is key to reaching high places, hitting your enemies or solving some puzzles.

The enormous variety of its development, which adds new mechanics on each island we visit, and the beautiful graphic section “pixelart” Minimalist cut, they put the icing on a title that is much more than recommended.