The new update to macOS Big Sur arrives loaded with interesting news. Big Sur is a major change for Apple, both at the design level and internally as it must accommodate the new Apple processors.

macOS 11 Big Sur is the biggest leap from macOS in recent years.

With Big Sur we went from macOS X to macOS 11. It is probably one of the most important updates of apple since the system is compatible with Intel processors and their new Apple Silicon. But it also includes many interesting news.

The improvements what’s new in macOS Big Sur

Renewed design

It’s probably the first thing you’ll notice as soon as you install macOS Big Sur. The icons and system appearance have changed and now they are more homogeneous. These are the main design innovations:

  • Updated menu bar. The top bar is now taller and more translucent.
  • Floating dock. Inherited from the iPadOS, the Dock remains elevated and is more transparent.
  • New icons for apps. All the icons have been modernized without losing their essence and gaining in homogeneity.
  • More subtle windows. We now have a clean and spacious layout with translucent windows.
  • Redesigned dialog boxes. These frames now have a new design without borders or frames.
  • New sounds. New sounds created from fragments of the originals.
  • Full side bars. Available in various apps as a redesign to gain productivity.
  • New symbols in macOS. Symbols have been unified between applications, which also adapt to the language.
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macos catalina vs macos big sur
macOS Big Sur updates part of its appearance with respect to macOS Catalina, and brings macOS closer to iPadOS.

Control center

An improvement that may appear that Apple has copied from iOS but that has its own essence in macOS Big Sur. From the Control Center we can manage many sections of the system without having to enter System Preferences.

You can access Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections, adjust the brightness and volume, activate Do not disturb mode, configure AirPlay and many other customizable options. The Control Center appears at the top right when we activate it.

Control center
Control Center in macOS Big Sur in light and dark mode

Safari improvements

Safari is one of the apps we use the most on macOS, and Apple has improved it as it deserves. There are many new features that come to Safari with this version:

  • Customizable home page. You can choose a background image and which sections you want to see when opening the browser.
  • Improved performance. It is 50% faster on average than Chrome when loading the most visited sites.
  • More efficient consumption. Safari is made for the Mac and that is why it is more efficient than other browsers on macOS.
  • Website icons on tabs. The icons of your favorite websites help you easily identify the tabs.
  • More tabs at a glance. The redesigned bar shows you more open tabs.
  • Web page preview. Hover over a tab and a preview will appear.
  • Translation. Translate entire web pages in Safari.
  • Safari extensions on the App Store. The best Safari extensions have a new category in the App Store.
  • Privacy Report. Safari’s smart anti-tracking detects and prevents someone from creating your profile or following your steps on the internet.
  • Password control. Safari protects your saved passwords and automatically detects if any have been affected by a data breach.
  • Import passwords and settings from Chrome. You can import Chrome history, bookmarks, and passwords saved into Safari.
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New Notification Center

The Notification Center was somewhat wasted and Apple has given it a twist on macOS Big Sur. Now we will have the notifications and widgets in the same column. Notifications are grouped by app and are interactive.

macOS Big Sur Widgets
MacOS Big Sur notification center

The widgets have been redesigned and now they are like the ones we have on iOS. Very customizable and we can download the ones we want from the App Store.

Messages like never before

For a long time we can respond to messages that come to our iPhone from the Mac, but there were options a little behind that did not seem to fit with the iOS app. Now In Big Sur, the Messages app is completely redesigned.

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We will can set conversations, share our name and photo, make individual mentions and responses, include effects, send memojis, everything we have in the iPhone and iPad app is now on macOS.

macOS Big Sur Messages
Messages in macOS Big Sur

Better file search

One of the most useful functions of macOS is the search or Spotlight, that little magnifying glass that finds everything we need. Now in macOS Big Sur improves significantly so that searching for any file is easier.

  • Improved performance. Spotlight is even more efficient and the results will appear as soon as you type.
  • Optimized results list. Now the results appear in a simplified list for you to open the app, website or document.
  • Quick View Compatible. You can view and cycle through a full-size preview of almost any document or website.
  • Integration in search menus. You can use Spotlight technology in the Search menu of apps like Safari, Pages, and Keynote.
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Evolution in Maps

Maas is another of those apps that has been deeply redesigned, especially by adding functions that we already had in iOS and iPadOS. These are the improvements coming to Maps in macOS Big Sur:

  • Guides. Apple has created city guides in collaboration with professionals.
  • Panoramic view. Explore 3D cities with 360 ° views and the ability to walk the streets as if you were right there.
  • Cycling routes. You can plan your bike tour from your Mac.
  • Routes for electric vehicles. Maps automatically adds the charging points that catch you on the way.
  • Indoor Maps. Maps incorporates detailed plans of the interior of the world’s major airports and shopping centers.
  • Arrival time in real time. You can see updates on the map to keep track of your friends while you wait for them.
  • New maps for more countries. Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom, and other countries, will see their maps improved.
  • Toll zones that restrict traffic. Cities like London and Paris have toll zones to reduce traffic in denser neighborhoods, now they appear on Maps.
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macOS Big Sur Maps
Maps in macOS Big Sur

A plus of privacy

Privacy is essential in the culture of Apple and macOS Big Sur continues to improve in this regard. We now have privacy information in the App Store, the developers will post this information clearly and easily so you know what apps you download can access.

Updates are now faster

Something that is not usually appreciated, in macOS Big Sur, software updates download in the background in much less time. Apple incorporates a cryptographically signed volume, which means that the Mac has accurate information about the structure of the system volume and can perform background software updates without interrupting you.

macOS Big Sur takes care of your battery with Optimized Charging

Apple has introduced this feature on other devices and now it comes to MacBooks. Optimized Charging checks that your Mac’s battery is fully charged right when you unplug it learning from your loading routines. This reduces wear and tear on the battery and extends its life.

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We can also consult a graph with the battery levels and usage for the last 24 hours and the last 10 days.

macos 11 big sur
macOS Big Sur

All these news are very interesting, and added to the change that it means internally and in development, they make macOS Big Sur one of the best updates ever.

Source : Techradar