10 funny game commercials to make you laugh.

Last time Karim took you into the world of the worst game commercials and although a degree of cringe remains present, this time he mainly throws it on the fun side!

If you feel like a black hole in your life that you haven’t seen the worst Nintendo ad ever, or have completely escaped your notice that EA opened a can of moms to play Dead Space, click here! Today we are going to have a big laugh with the following game commercials and trailers!

10 funny game commercials to make you laugh

1. The Replacer (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2)

The big absentee when it comes to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, managed to thrive around the marketing campaign of the second part: The Replacer! Because you have to play Call of Duty, you obviously don’t have time for other things in life. In the video below you can see how The Replacer tackles this problem for you …

2. Skyrim: Very Special Edition (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

In 2011 TES V: Skyrim was released for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Quite normal you would say, but now Skyrim can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, VR and the previous PC version has been replaced by a polished version. The game has not yet been released for the Super Nintendo and this ‘complaint’ has not gone unnoticed by Bethesda. At E3, we laughed out loud about the announcement of Skyrim: Very Special Edition.

10 funny game commercials to make you laugh

3. Bird is the Battlefield…? (Battlefield Vietnam)

EA’s Battlefield franchise dropped another new release last week and is mostly known for its serious handling of grueling wars. In Battlefield, for example, we have been confronted several times with the Second World War, the Vietnam War and not so long ago even the First World War. However, when you add some fun music, it all suddenly becomes a lot less serious. Peter Griffin will be proud.

4. Super Zoo Bros. Ultimate (Tokyo Jungle)

Now that Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee are out, the Super Smash hype has risen to bizarre heights among many Switch owners. To pass this time there are a lot of other fighters and brawlers available, but you may not have been aware of the bizarre game Tokyo Jungle. I can tell you a lot about the trailer below, but I think it’s just time to watch it and take this in …

10 funny game commercials to make you laugh

5. Deadpool introduces itself (Deadpool video game)

The undersigned has nothing, really nothing at all with Marvel, superheroes or anything with a cape, but Deadpool always goes in! Although the video game can be called mediocre, the trailer below captures the funny Deadpool vibe very well.

6. Geese come to troll you (Untitled Goose Game)

We first saw this game during a Nintendo Nindies presentation and the undersigned thinks this game is fantastic! What could be better than trolling the world a bit and chuckling about it like an adolescent? In any case, the trailer below managed to make me laugh!

10 funny game commercials to make you laugh

7. Rat ‘takes’ Game Boy Micro (Game Boy Micro)

We can hardly imagine it anymore, but Nintendo has also done a daring advertisement. The Game Boy Micro was portrayed by Nintendo as quite a ‘sexy device’, so sexy that even rats couldn’t resist the Game Boy …

8. Conker’s Hangover (Conker’s Bad Fur Day)

We’ll stay in the corner of Nintendo and the more daring commercials for a while, because this commercial is also one that makes you laugh out loud without feeling ashamed. Conker is having a hard time with it, while a very nice lady gives us the impression that we are doing a lot different than petting a squirrel …

9. Fists out of screens (Strafe)

Once in a while the PR department actually knows how to do everything right for a game and in the case of Kickstarter game Strafe this was also the case. This trailer / commercial is cringy, bizarre, over-the-top and above all funny. If you are homesick for the nineties, then this video is mandatory to watch!

10 funny game commercials to make you laugh

10. Kevin Butler (Sony PlayStation)

I think we all remember this speech by Kevin Butler at E3 2011, in which he touched the hearts of gamers. All of this was part of an entire Sony marketing campaign, in which this man was the star of multiple commercials. I’ll leave you with a video that contains all the commercials the man has ever done, they are hilarious!

I now rip out of my pants after writing this feature. You too? Then throw it in the comments!

10 funny game commercials to make you laugh