10 games that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Today is the perfect time to engage your love in the magic of video games. We’ll show you what titles to try if the joint game is the plan for the evening.

We pulled out this article from last year again, as we want to please a few ideas for gamer lovers this year as well. Celebrate your couples and relationships with a game together!

10 games that are perfect for Valentine’s Day

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, most people think of the usual flower, dinner, cinema trio as a couple program, although you can even gild this day with great video games. This is also a particularly good opportunity to involve your loved one who is less interested in the direction of the games in the gaming world.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Perhaps this is the title that is best suited to persuade people who are skeptical of video games. In the game, you have to deactivate a bomb so that one of you only sees the structure and the other party browses the instructions for using the bomb to provide instructions in the hope of success. Get ready, you’re going to laugh a lot!

10 games that are perfect for Valentine’s Day


When you’re done with the evening dinner, you can start the virtual cook, which you and the two controllers can play with ease. The kitchen work requires careful planning, only pairs with perfect harmony will be able to fulfill all orders.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

In this space of this lovely little coop, you have no less a task than saving the entire universe. It will be your job to flood the entire universe with love again. Need more Valentine’s Day? By the way, the game will be available for free download this month for Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

10 games that are perfect for Valentine’s Day

Mortal Kombat XL

Not a moment of a small bloodshed will come out of the magic circle of Valentine’s Day if you bring it together with your partner. In fact, any fighting game will do, but you won’t be disappointed if you put down your voices with an expanded version of Mortal Kombat X, where you can even hide in the skin of the Alien and Predator.

Guitar Hero Live and Rock Band 4

Playing together can be a great paired program tonight. Now you can exceptionally let your couple choose a song, one day you can stand that Katy Perry song spinning. Together, you can become real rock stars, and the virtual audience is guaranteed to be there to perform the duos.

10 games that are perfect for Valentine’s Day

Just Dance 2017

If you’re already one of the most professional musicians in the area, it’s time to move your body a little too. Essentially whichever Just Dance episode you choose, the experience remains the same. Dancing in front of the TV, the real party beast emerges from everyone, all you have to do is make sure that fragile things don’t stay arm’s length.

Just Sing

Giving a serenade to your love is an infinitely romantic thing, but maybe you shouldn’t kneel under your balcony tonight, but rather sing a few great songs together. After your production, it will be a great fun to look back at the footage of it, especially if you also packed funny filters into the video.

Any arcade car racing

Depending on what platform you have, feel free to choose from easy car titles like Mario Kart episodes, Joy Ride Turbo, or just Sonic All Stars. Be careful, you should keep in mind that you should not take the competition deadly, there should be no insult in the end!

10 games that are perfect for Valentine’s Day

Pokémon GO

There’s nowhere near as much interest in Niantic’s pocket-monster collecting game as it was in the beginning, but as the weather finally starts to turn good, they could even spend some time outdoors today. Meanwhile, it’s also worth watching for pop-up Pokémon, as a festive event is currently running in the game, during which rare creatures also appear more often, and each catch means a double serving of candy.

LittleBigPlanet 3

If you want to bring out an adorable platform game tonight, there’s no need to look any further, you’ll love the third episode of the LittleBigPlanet series. Gameplay with puzzle elements will be quite challenging, plus if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription, you can now download the game for free.

Of course, the list above is by no means complete, there are plenty of other games to make Valentine’s Day even more beautiful for a romantic couple. Feel free to include your own ideas in the comments!

10 games that are perfect for Valentine’s Day