10 games that turn 30 and 35 in 2021.

2021 is also the year that many games turn 30 and 35 years old. 1986 saw the emergence of successful franchises such as Castlevania and Zelda, while 1991 saw the release of classic games such as Sonic and Street Fighter 2.

Check out our list of games that complete more than 3 decades in 2021 below:

10 games that turn 30 and 35 in 2021

35 years old (1986)

1. Alex Kidd In the Miracle World

One of the most famous games of the 8-bit era, Alex Kidd In The Miracle World hit the world in 1986 for the hitherto recent Master System. The game was pleased to have a fun gameplay, which even included minigames of “Rock, Paper and Scissors” against some stage bosses.

Alex Kidd In the Miracle World was very successful in the 8-bit eraSource: Slash Gear

10 games that turn 30 and 35 in 2021

The game will get a remake very soon. Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX will bring the game with new graphics, alternative challenges against level bosses and new levels. Although it was announced for 2021, so far we don’t have a set date for its release.

2. Castlevania

The popular Konami franchise also came into the world in 1986. The game put the character in control of Simont Belmont whose goal was nothing more, nothing less than to eliminate the vampire Dracula.

10 games that turn 30 and 35 in 2021

Castlevania began its legacy in 1986Source: IGN

The franchise has gained dozens of sequels and new versions, however, it has not gained a new game since 2019, when it received the controversial Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls. The mobile game did not have the same success as other titles, causing it to be discontinued only 2 years after it was released.

10 games that turn 30 and 35 in 2021

3. Metroid

Another successful franchise that had its first game released in 1986 was Metroid. The game innovated by presenting a system of continuous phases, that is, where it was necessary to return to a certain place several times to find the correct way to evolve in the game.

1986 was the year of the release of the first game in the Metroid franchiseSource: SamaGame

The game was also one of the first to feature a protagonist in its plot: Samus Aran. In the story, the character needs to retrieve the Metroids, which are a kind of parasites that were stolen by space pirates.

10 games that turn 30 and 35 in 2021

4. The Legend of Zelda

One of the most famous franchises of all time and holder of so many Best Game of the Year titles, The Legend of Zelda won its first game back in the 80s. And even with the technological limitations of the time, the game managed to stand out and innovate, bringing a mix of RPG and action, in a gameplay full of challenges and puzzles.

The Legend of Zelda had its first game released in 1986 for the NESSource: YouTube

The game’s plot (as well as almost every other in the series) put young Link on an adventure to rescue Princess Zelda and protect the kingdom of Hyrule.

10 games that turn 30 and 35 in 2021

5. Out Run

One of the most iconic racing games in history, Out Run hit arcades in 1986. In addition to a “realistic” look for the time, the game also drew attention due to the structure of its cabin, which most of the time simulated a huge red car, taking up a good deal of space in the old arcades.

Out Run hit arcades around the world in 1986Source: TecToy

The game even gained versions for the consoles of SEGA, Master System and Mega Drive, but with a lower quality. In 2003, it even gained a sequel to Xbox, however, the limitations of the game meant that it didn’t have the same success as the first title.

30 years (1991)

1. Street Fighter 2

The most iconic chapter of Capcom’s fighting franchise hit arcades in 1991. Full of innovations compared to the first game, Street Fighter 2 was not only successful on its release, as to this day millions of fans still play this version.

10 games that turn 30 and 35 in 2021

Street Fighter 2 was released in 1991, but is still played today.Source: SamaGame

The popularity of the game, which years later was also released for consoles at the time, made the franchise a movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and an animated series. That’s talking about other versions of the game, such as Super Street Fighter 2 that added new fighters to the title.

2. Sonic

SEGA’s mascot was introduced to the world in 1991 in its first game, for the Master System. In addition to the character’s charisma, the relaxed gameplay and a map full of secret locations to be discovered made the game a real fever.

10 games that turn 30 and 35 in 2021

Sonic started its successful trajectory in 1991Source: YouTube

30 years later, dozens of titles for the character have been released, including game participations alongside former ’90s “rival”: Mario Bros. SEGA promises to take a series of actions in June to promote the 3-decade anniversary of its greatest symbol.

3. Street of Rage

Another popular SEGA franchise that hit the world in 1991 was Street of Rage. The game was the company’s bet for the “beat ’em up” genre, which was a rage at the time, especially in arcades, such as games like Double Dragon and Final Fight.

Street of Rage was one of SEGA’s first Beat ’em upsSource: Steam

The franchise won three Mega Drive titles between 1991 and 1994. And, interestingly, its fourth chapter was only released last year, for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PCs.

4. Battletoads

Popularly known for being one of the most challenging franchises of the 8-bit generation, Battletoads had its first chapter released in 1991. And even with a gameplay considered quite complex for the time, the game did not lack enormous popularity.

Battletoads arrived on the NES drawing attention for its difficultySource: Nerdist Archive

And, like Streets of Rage, the franchise also won a new title last year. With the same name as the first title, the game for Xbox One and PCs brings updated graphics and an updated gameplay. Check out our full review.

10 games that turn 30 and 35 in 2021

5. Captain Commando

The arcade phenomenon was launched in 1991. Captain Commando featured four Team Commando characters: Ginzy, Hoover, Jennet, in addition to the protagonist that gives the game its name. Together they must fight enemies from another planet in the fictional city of Metro City – the same as in another Capcom game: Final Fight.

Captain Commando arrived at arcades in 1991 and quickly became a phenomenonSource: YouTube

The game was a huge success because of its unique gameplay, graphics well done for the time, and a plot considered longer than other games of the genre.