10 games that would be good to remix.

The couple, who have appeared in the last couple of years, have been a very successful remaster, and we were excited to gather which old favorites we would like to see in a new robe.

Nostalgia is always good, and of course publishers know that. Nowadays, there is a very good thing for those who like to relive fond memories, as excellent remasters and remakes have appeared recently: just remember the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy or the recently released Shadow of the Colossus. Of course, after their success, newer pieces, such as e.g. Dark Souls Remastered, so we’ve collected which games we’d love to see refurbished.

10 games that would be good to remix


It’s no coincidence that a huge anticipation and hype preceded the release of Mafia 3, as the first part of the series is a legendary work of art that, with its well-hit gameplay and brilliant atmosphere, has established itself in a genre that was absolutely dominated by the GTA series at the time. . Unfortunately, the third part didn’t get so good in the end, but a remaster would smoothly compensate us. Although we would do well to get back on track with the fourth.

Need For Speed: Underground

They may not have all remembered it, but for a while the Need For Speed ​​series name was synonymous with exotic sports cars and special locations, so everyone was quite surprised to find out that Underground will be based on familiar street racing from Deadly Pace movies. The end result has been brilliant and EA has been trying to catch the same charm ever since, but unfortunately it never really worked that way. Maybe a remaster would work?

10 games that would be good to remix

Red Dead Redemption

Hearing the concept of “GTA with Horses,” probably none of us would have thought that Red Dead Redemption would be one of the best games at Rockstar Games, but then, by some miracle, it did. Of course, we’re excited to look forward to the second part, but in the meantime, we could smoothly beat the time with an upscale first part, especially if we could finally jump into the Wild West adventure on a PC.


You probably don’t really need to really explain how important the Warcraft series is in the history of games, as it’s one of the most widely known and longest-running series. The series has had an impact on the development of both strategy games and online role-playing games, yet the RTS genre is what we consider to be the roots, so it wouldn’t be bad to slowly celebrate enduring success.

10 games that would be good to remix

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Trilogy

The Splinter Cell series is in the fortunate position that its recent episodes haven’t been bad at all, but probably all hardcore fans will agree that the first three episodes are the most authoritative. Sam Fisher’s first adventures have a place among the best in the stealth genre, and by now, it’s been so long that it’s worth running into those titles again. We wouldn’t mind packing the Blacklist upgraded to PS4 or Xbox One, but a new part would be best here too.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (or the whole 3D trilogy)

We take out this game quite often and it’s no coincidence at all, as Rockstar Games has really covered everything in this section. Although Grand Theft Auto V evoked a bit of a palm-like vibe, it’s still not the same as the ’80s captured in Vice City. Maybe one day Rockstar Games will recognize the potential of the remaster? Or would it be worthwhile to have GTA III and San Andreas side by side?

10 games that would be good to remix

Spyro The Dragon Trilogy

The Insomniac team is best known these days for the Ratchet and Clank and Resistance series, but like the Naughty Dog in the ’90s, they rode the mascot platform game fashion wave with the ingeniously cozy Spyro The Dragon series. The more modern episodes of the series were no longer developed by them and this is unfortunately felt on them as well, so we could bear it if, like Crash Bandicooth, the original Spyro trilogy would benefit from a crease stitching. Anyway, if we’re lucky, it will be like that soon, as some say Activision is already working on the case.

Metal Gear Solid

Let’s just keep in mind that Metal Gear Survive isn’t the most imaginative thing you can start with the Metal Gear brand, but at least it has some appreciable outcome. Unfortunately, this is much less true of the Metal Gear Solid-themed pachinko machine, and the saddest thing about it is that scenes from the third part have been beautifully reproduced for the machine, so we really hope they’re reserved for something else as well.

Legacy of Cain and Soul Reaver

Unfortunately, by now, the Legacy of Kain and Soul Reaver games have been forgotten a bit, even though they are unique and outstanding in many ways: a dark atmosphere, an excellent hack’n’slash gameplay, and a complex story whose philosophical depth is still many today. game could envy you. There had been a very promising attempt to resurrect the series a couple of years ago, but unfortunately it was mowed down, so fans would surely be happy to relive Cain and Raziel’s seed-filled journey in the form of at least one remaster.

10 games that would be good to remix

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

This game probably doesn’t need to be featured in particular, as KotOR and its sequel are among the best Star Wars games ever made. Unfortunately, the online sequel to the series was no longer such an undivided success, but it would make up for us somewhat if we could at least replay the original story in a nicer edition.

Of course, this is just our completely subjective list, so be sure to write down which new versions of games and series you would like to see!

  • Developer: Rockstar San Diego
  • Publisher: Rockstar Games
  • Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One
  • Style: Action, Adventure
  • Appearance: 5/21/2010

After the not-so-prominent 2004 Red Dead Revolver, Rockstar Games has created the world’s best-known and, if not the best, western game, Red Dead Redemption.

10 games that would be good to remix