10 house ideas for expert builders in Minecraft. Minecraft allows players to build the most gigantic houses and monuments imaginable, so today we bring you spectacular ideas for the most expert builders.

For any builder looking to challenge himself or experienced players looking for new ideas to add to their building maps or survival worlds, big projects tend to be the best way to pass the time. They are rewarding to do, but difficult to execute. Here’s some inspiration for experienced builders who want to create massive builds.

Top TEN house ideas for expert builders in Minecraft

10 Desert Pyramid – 10 house ideas for expert builders in Minecraft

The desert biome is not a fan favorite, that’s for sure. However, there are ways to make it more engaging if the player is up for the challenge. Desert biomes also tend to be flat and large, allowing players to easily create builds that would otherwise require a ton of design and planning.

It’s the brainchild of Reddit user OnTheSpotLive, who decided on a desert-themed house: a beautiful pyramid-style survival base with beautiful details at the entrance and top. What’s even better is that the entire area is accessible via a large decorated road bridge as well.

9 Classic Castle – 10 house ideas for expert builders in Minecraft

Constructions don’t always have to be something new or inventive. Sometimes classic building styles are best when it comes to building a giant home. The first idea that comes to mind for many builders is to make a castle, and with so many different styles of castles to choose from, it’s a great choice.

8 Underground Base – 10 house ideas for expert builders in Minecraft

If clearing out an area above ground sounds boring, then how about mining down and creating an underground base instead? The base could be concealed, or it could be fully visible through a glass ceiling looking up at the night sky, giving a cool effect.

Reddit user Executive_Tree surprised everyone with his underground and traditional Minecraft base. The resources are easy to find since it mostly consists of oak wood and stone brick, but it’s the shape, placement, and little details that make its huge circular base so cool.

7 Futuristic Home – 10 house ideas for expert builders in Minecraft

Classic buildings definitely get old after a while, and some players might want to go more for modern, sci-fi-style architecture, which Minecraft blocks work for too. With glass, concrete and wool, the player can already achieve a modern home.

6 Classic wooden base

If the player appears in a large forest world and there are no other interesting biomes nearby, the best option would be to build a wooden house. Fortunately, oak is one of the prettiest blocks in the entire game and no matter the build, it always tends to look beautiful.

Reddit user Executive_Tree made a classic fortress-like survival base with four corners and two floors. It has a nice homey style to it, and also seems robust enough to hold its own against any invaders or enemies at night. There’s plenty of room, and the shape isn’t too difficult to replicate.

5 Nether Fortress

With new Nether content more and more players are choosing to build some sort of home in the Nether. However, those who do should make sure not to put up a bed, as trying to sleep in the Nether has some adverse effects. If you do, let it be at your own risk.

Despite the abundance of lava, hostile mobs, and generally terrible environment, building in the Nether can be very rewarding thanks to all the new biomes and blocks. Reddit user Wintertooth100 built a floating fortress in the sky, made out of some of the new blocks and decorated with lava fountains.

4 Japanese Mansion

When looking for new types of architecture or inspiration, it’s always a great idea to look for references in different cultures. Japanese temples, in particular, tend to have a unique look that could be quite a challenge to build in Minecraft.

Reddit user Hannah_Whelan created an amazing Japanese mansion with a dark prismatic pagoda roof. The use of stairs and slabs helps create the illusion of different shapes and curves.

3 Underwater installation

For a true big building construction challenge, there’s no better way to take things to the next level than to do it underwater. Of course, this requires the player to have plenty of potions and the right equipment at their disposal, or a conduit built out of a heart of the sea.

Reddit user Frank_de_bot wanted to make an impressive underwater aquatic installation, and he succeeded. Made of glass, it has an even more impressive effect that also allows the player to admire the underwater animals from inside their survival base.

2 Modern Mountain Base

Another great place to build houses is any kind of hills or mountains. However, instead of going to the top of the mountain, the player can simply build on the slope to create any type of classic or modern house they want. This is a technique that really uses the terrain to your advantage.

Reddit user Guillosd designed and created a modern house in the savannah biome, with a beautiful balcony with views.

1 Castle on a Mountain

If heights aren’t scary, mountaintops are one of the nicest places to build. Bases here not only provide a nice 360-degree view of the entire area around the player, but also tend to be more secure.

Mixing styles from classic mansions to simple fortresses, Reddit user Wamshwam was able to create a hybrid of a building and make it look absolutely perfect perched on top of the mountains. With indoor farms, three floors, and even a tower, there’s plenty of space for a player who needs it.

These are just some ideas that you can take to create your huge house in Minecraft, but the ideal is to let your imagination run wild and create according to your tastes.