10 Super Nintendo games that deserved a remake/remaster.

Launched in 1990 and discontinued in 2003 (after having sold 49 million units), the Super Nintendo (or SNES) is, to this day, one of the most iconic consoles in gaming history. Obviously, a large part of the success of the Nintendo console was due to the great games that shined for many years.

Knowing the importance of the SNES in the lives of many gamers, we decided to create a somewhat dreamy post. Our intention is to remember 10 games that were successful on the Super Nintendo and that deserved a remake/remaster. So it is! It would be amazing to see certain games being adapted for the present day, wouldn’t it? So be sure to follow our list.

Power Rangers Zeo: Battle Racers – released in 1996

10 Super Nintendo games that deserved a remake/remaster

The Power Rangers were very important characters in the 90’s. No wonder we had several games starring these heroes. However, as a Power Rangers fighting game is about to come out, we decided to quote Power Rangers Zeo: Battle Racers🇧🇷 This was a racing game, which allowed players to control the beautiful motorcycles that the heroes sported in the TV series. In that case, the remake would be a differentiated product for the current market and, with the support of the current graphic power, the races could be impressive.

Stunt Race FX – released in 1994

10 Super Nintendo games that deserved a remake/remaster

This game may not have been as good as one could expect from a production by Shigeru Miyamoto (creator of Mario), but it wasn’t hard to find this tape at the video stores at the time. The game was essentially a 3D racing game, inspired by another PC classic. However, the cars had eyes and performed incredible maneuvers in gravity-defying jumps. Perhaps, with the support of beautiful graphics, this classic could become a really fun remake.

Star Fox – released in 1993

10 Super Nintendo games that deserved a remake/remaster

Star Fox was the first game in a franchise that would be very successful in the future. The game, which became known as Starwing in some countries, was the kind of adventure that got everyone excited. After all, space adventures have always messed with people’s minds. In the story, Fox McCloud and the Star Fox team do everything to defend their world. By the way, the game was the first to receive the additional Super FX chip, which improved the capabilities of the SNES. Anyway, a classic adventure that would make a beautiful remake. The game got a port for the N64 and a sequel on the SNES Mini (which was well-criticized).

Top Gear – released in 1992

10 Super Nintendo games that deserved a remake/remaster

Without a doubt, many of the gamers who ventured into the SNES got to experience Top Gear. The game is a classic among racing games and was very successful here in Brazil (including generating a ‘spiritual successor’ for today, Horizon Chase). With four cars available, players faced a circuit with races all over the world, including Brazil. A remake version, for example, would ensure that all these settings are stunning and the machines pixel perfection.

Super Double Dragon – released in 1992

Double Dragon is a name that became very well known at a time when beat ’em up games dominated the gaming world. The adventures of the brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee made the heads of the gaming crowd in the 90s and, of course, Super Double Dragon was one of the highlights. So, even if beat ’em up games have lost popularity, it would be interesting to see an action-packed remake in cooperative mode.

10 Super Nintendo games that deserved a remake/remaster

Final Fight 3 – released in 1996

By 1996, the Final Fight franchise had already achieved legendary status among games in the Beat ’em up genre. Despite this, Capcom managed to make the game even more refined, adding a team of 4 characters that made the gameplay quite varied. Despite the basic premise of the game being the same (beating everyone up), the game had an interesting narrative. Anyway, a remake of any game in the Final Fight franchise would be interesting… the fans would love it!

International Superstar Soccer Deluxe – released in 1995

10 Super Nintendo games that deserved a remake/remaster

Allejo, Gomez, Beranco and so on! A true constellation of incredible players! International Superstar Soccer Deluxe came out for SNES, Mega Drive and PlayStation (a very good and unknown version), but what we want is to remember the first version, which is the most original and incredible! Imagine if Konami wanted to make arcade football, 2D, with today’s resources, including online play and totally inspired by the classic? It would be a real success!

ActRaiser 2 – released in 1993

ActRaiser 2 is a game of the type that today is conventionally called “Metroidvania”. However, its proposal is very interesting, since, in theory, players control a personification of God and enter into various combats against the seven deadly sins and Satan himself. In the 90s, the game was considered inferior (in terms of quality) to its predecessor, but its narrative, rich in religious references and apocryphal texts, was hugely successful. Therefore, a remake of this great classic would be incredible. Imagine such a heavy plot with mechanics similar to the Devil May Cry franchise.

Ardy Lightfoot – released in 1993

10 Super Nintendo games that deserved a remake/remaster

Ardy Lightfoot looked like a cat/fox and had a friend named Pec who looked more like a blue Kirby. That is, here we have a platform game that would be very successful, as happened with the remastered versions of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro The Dragon. The game was critically acclaimed for having long levels, a large number of skills and impressive bosses. However, the criticism warned players that they should be patient, as the difficulty was great.

X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse – released in 1994

When X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse first appeared on the SNES, critics were emphatic in citing the game as “the best X-Men game yet”. And it was true. The game was more like a Beat ’em up, but put legendary heroes such as Wolverine, Cyclops, Psylocke, Gambit and Beast on an adventure full of challenges. In the end, the goal was to defeat the dreaded Apocalypse. In short, a remake adventure, following a Marvel: Ultimate Alliance line could be an interesting path to follow.

10 Super Nintendo games that deserved a remake/remaster

The SNES and its great titles

We reached the end of our list with 10 games that came out on the Super Nintendo that deserved a remake/remaster. As we can see, not only the SNES, but also the 90’s consoles were very well served as a library.

Finally, be sure to comment and share the post. Remember to leave your indications to make our list even more complete, ok? Until later!