10 Things You Didn’t Know About World of Warcraft.

In this Serial you will find 10 things you didn’t know about a game, game series or game character. This section is all about party facts about World of Warcraft. For example, did you know that the MMORPG is also played by celebs? Or that the Blizzard game is used for scientific research?

Previously, Serials above wrote about Mario and Zelda. These triptychs started with an overview of some (unknown) facts about the two Nintendo icons. Very nice to write and to notice your reactions also nice to read! I would therefore like to continue the current trend in this Serial. This time you get no less than three features with party facts. This last part in the series focuses on 10 things you didn’t know about World of Warcraft.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About World of Warcraft

Celebs play WoW en masse

Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Kristian Nairn, Aubrey Plaza and Aron Eisenberg are just a few examples of the celebrities who play World of Warcraft. Some of these gaming celebrities have even received in-game tributes from Blizzard. That’s how Mila Kunis got her own NPC (Mina Kunis in Lunarfall). However, the actress has since stopped the MMORPG, because she started showing addiction symptoms. Notorious gamer Robin Williams has also been added to the game. You can visit the NPC Robin in Nagrand.

The invisible Ricole Nichie

WoW has some very funny NPC names. For example, I had a great time with Haris Pilton in Shattrath City. She even has a cap called Tinkerbell. <3 Anyway, this party fact is actually all about her frienemy Ricole Nichie . This NPC is right next door to Haris Pilton, but is still overlooked by everyone. She is invisible unless you are a Priest and have The Eye of Divinity in your possession.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About World of Warcraft

What is a trademark?

Better stolen than badly conceived. Above, the Chinese World of Fight does not immediately accuse World of Fight of plagiarism, but if even your font seems to have been copied directly … However, World Joyland is still nothing. This theme park is clearly “inspired” by the Blizzard games World of Warcraft and Starcraft. Fortunately, as a resident of China, you can also just play a game of WoW. Or well, just … The MMORPG is censored there, the Ministry of Culture was afraid that the skeletons in the game would not contribute to a “healthy and harmonious online environment”. Wrath of the Lich King was therefore only allowed to be released after some meat was added to the bones of the enemies. And one last fact about China: when gold selling was still profitable, Chinese prisoners were sometimes forced to become gold farmers. The directors of the prisons could earn more with this than with traditional manual labor.

Blizzard supports Make-A-Wish

We also know Make-A-Wish in the Netherlands. Thanks to this organization, Blizzard came into contact with the cancer patient Ezra Chatterton. The kid got the chance to design his own NPC. You can find his Tauren Ahab Wheathoof in Mulgore. He also got the most beautiful mount in game: Ashes of Al’ar. Unfortunately, Ezra passed away in 2008.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About World of Warcraft


World of Warcraft has also contributed to science. For example, research has shown that playing the MMORPG can improve cognitive functioning in the elderly. So quickly close a sub for your grandfather and grandmother. The game is also used for research into terrorism. Through the game one can study human behavior: real people, who make real decisions in a world with manageable boundaries. And third, WoW has contributed to the epidemiology field. The Corrupted Blood incident was a virtual, server-wide outbreak of an infectious virus. The “virus” spread from players to NPCs, causing an epidemic to spread in no time. And this is now being studied as a case study by scientists all over the world.

World of Warcraft as a political issue

Earlier I already discussed the celebs who play WoW. Politicians also like to check a game in their spare time. Among them the American Colleen Lachowicz. The Senator for the Democrats fell victim to a libel campaign in 2012. The Republicans discovered she had a “disturbing alter-ego” in-game. A website was even set up to educate voters about her double life: “Maine needs a State Senator that lives in the real world, not in Colleen’s fantasy world.”

10 Things You Didn’t Know About World of Warcraft

World of Warhammer?

Blizzard initially wanted to acquire the rights to the Warhammer universe. Fortunately / unfortunately, the developer did not succeed in that in the end. Otherwise we would probably have played World of Warhammer en masse by now. Still, however, a long-standing feud between WoW and Warhammer over copyright and legal positions ignited.

Grinding, grinding, grinding

With the release of the Legion expansion, World of Warcraft had more than 20,000 quests. Now that Battle for Azeroth is also out, you can add quite a few to that. However, there was a time when the game only had 100 quests: 50 for Alliance and 50 for Horde. To level up, it was important to grind a lot … After complaints from players, Blizzard decided to add more quests.

Facts about the movie

Warcraft: The Beginning was released in theaters in 2016. Despite the mixed reception, the film did well at the box office, bringing in more than the most successful game film Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time to date. However, that is not necessarily due to actor Travis Fimmel … He did not even know the franchise. This in contrast to, for example, Robert Kazinsky. The latter plays Orgrim Doomhammer, a legendary Orc. Other famous Orcs in the movie include Grommash Hellscream, Kilrogg Deadeye and Kargath Bladefist. They have little or no lyrics, so they may only be recognized by diehard fans.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About World of Warcraft

From trade chat to advertising

Chuck Norris has been part of WoW culture since time immemorial. Certainly about 10 years ago when trade chat was flooded with jokes about the actor. Of course, this had also not escaped Blizzard. The developer thus hired Chuck Norris to star in an advertisement for the game, brotherly alongside his in-game character.

And with that, I close the third part in my Serial with party facts. Do you know any more information about World of Warcraft? Then share them in the comments!

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About World of Warcraft

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