Having a Mac isn’t just a smart choice, it lets you work with maximum efficiency. When I decided to go for this operating system, I ended up understanding everything I had listened to for years. Working or having fun with a Mac is much better, everything is simple, comfortable and practical. This is something that I understood by taking, for example, a simple screenshot.

This is why we have brought you an article that highlights some tips that you may not know. Internalizing them and putting them into practice will make you adopt a new approach by working with your team, you will see how you save time and everything flows better. At work, we started with 10 Helpful Little Mac Tips You Should Know Yes or Yes.

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Get these 10 useful tips for Mac

Unlock your Mac with Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch and a Mac, you can unlock the watch from the computer. The configuration is very simple, go to System Preferences> Security and Privacy and activate the option Use Apple Watch to unlock apps and Macs. It is extremely convenient to walk up to the computer and not have to enter a password or use Touch ID.

Copy an address in Safari

The usual thing is to go to the address bar with the mouse, click on it and copy it. Remove this faster method: Press Command + L, then copy it with Command + C. You already have it and without having to move the pointer. Play the master!

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Organize your office quickly

Maybe you are one of those people who has a desk full of documents strewn all over the place, there is a way to get things right quickly. Right mouse button and Use batteries. The magic is done and everything will be well organized. But a Mac should never have things on the desktop!

Activate Do not disturb in a breath

This is really useful if you want to work without being distracted by anything. To do this, access the “Option” key by clicking with the mouse pointer in the upper right corner, in the Notification Center. Do not disturb function it will be activated automatically.

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Resists any operation

I’m guessing you won’t be using a calculator app or having it next to your Mac if you need a quick math. Spotlight, the famous magnifying glass that you find next to the clock allows you do what you want. Don’t be a skull and pay more attention to Spotlight.


Watch YouTube videos in the background

One of the tips you need to learn how to do yes or yes. Imagine that you are working and you want to have a YouTube video on the screen to keep watching it in the background. Go to Youtube video, right double click and press “Activate picture in picture”. You can switch to another tab in Safari and the video will stick in a corner. You can also drag and drop it to the desired size.

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Picture in picture

Remove all waste at once

It gives a pleasant feeling and the operation is simple. Press the ** Command, Shift, and Backspace keys. ** All of your waste can be emptied in no time.

trash can

Switch quickly from one app to another

This trick is a classic. to push on Command and tab. A small window will open with the apps you have open. Purify the tab to get the one you need and free it. Magic, you automatically access this application.

And to close the applications?

It is a variant of the previous one. Imagine that you have several open and you want to close them. If you press the letter Q, you will close the app you previously selected with the tab.

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A dictionary always at hand

Simple advice. You are sailing or working and you don’t know the meaning of a term. Select it, right click and click on the first option, “Consult”. You will have a very complete dictionary at your fingertips which will clear up your doubts.


Did you know these 10 useful tips for Mac? Well some do but others don’t. You know it’s time to update and put them into practiceOnly in this way can you make your experience with this operating system more convenient and efficient. Don’t lose sight of us, we can’t wait to hear from you.

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Source: Techradar