iPhoneatics, Have you ever had problems with the battery of your “iPhone” or your “iPod”? for sure yes…

Here we have a useful list of tips to maintain and preserve the life of your battery. This will guarantee an increase between 20% and 30%. Follow these simple tips and you will enjoy your music more timethey will enjoy their applications more timethey will enjoy their iphone.

These Tips apply to:

  • iphone
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPod Touch 1G
  • iPod Touch 2G

youTake note of the following to maximize battery usage:

  • If you are not using the 3G/EDGE network turn it off, since this is one of the things that uses the most battery, you can do this in Settings> General> Network
  • Turn off the WiFi of your device if you are not using it, since keeping it on causes your device to constantly search for networks to connect. You can do this in Settings > WiFi
  • If you frequently surf the web with your iPhone, remember that if you have WiFi and 3G/EDGE available at the same time, remember to use WiFi 😉 WiFi uses fewer joules (energy measurement) to operate. It is also faster and free 😉
  • Something you should remember is to minimize the use of “Location” since by keeping it on when entering maps and other applications your device tries to locate you using the connectivity it has available, this is not very useful in Latin American countries so I recommend keeping it off 😉 not to mention that they will save battery 😉 you can do this in: Settings > General > Location.
  • This is very very important: Do not use the “Get Data” function if you do not really need it, it is a very good function for new emails but they constantly spend energy, it is recommended to view emails manually by entering the “Mail” application. You can do this in Settings > Get Data. once there turn off “Push” and choose to get “Manually”.
  • Turn off Bluetooth if you’re not using it. Having the bluetooth turned on without using it uses energy in the iphone. to turn it off go to Settings> General> Bluetooth
  • If you are in an area with low phone coverage, put your iPhone in airplane mode. the iPhone is constantly searching for networks when the coverage is very low, so this can save you some battery 😉 For this Settings > Airplane mode.
  • If you do not need it, you can turn off the Vibrator function, you do it in Settings> Sounds
  • Reconsider the option of using equalizers as these make playing music draw more power from the device.
  • Keep iPhone & iPod auto lock within 1min, you can do this in Settings > General > Auto Lock.
  • And last but not least, in fact perhaps one of the most important. Adjust the brightness of the device to the least you can, this is one of the things that consumes the most energy in your device, keep it as low as possible to maximize battery 😉

A few tips to preserve battery life:

  • As we know the iPhone (iPod also) is one of the few phones that we cannot replace the battery, here are 3 useful tips to make the battery last longer, since over time, the battery loses the ability to hold a charge, every time time does less:
  • Make sure to charge the iphone until it is at 20% or less unless it is an emergency 😉
  • Make sure that your iPhone goes through at least 1 Charge Cycle per month, by this I mean that it is fully discharged and then fully charged.
  • Make sure not to leave it connected for a long time when the battery is already at 100%
  • iPhoneatico If you know more tricks, share them with us 😉 leave comments 😉