Save €30 with these 12 limited-time free apps for iPad and iPhone. And as a gift, a sentence: “If you could walk across the Potomac River one morning, that afternoon’s headline would say: ‘The President Can’t Swim’”. Lyndon Johnson.

Lens Light Visual Effects | Universal | €2.99 Free

Photo editor to add lighting effects to your images. (5 stars).

Pull My Tongue | Universal | €0.99 Free

Puzzle game with a funny chameleon and 90 levels. (3.5 stars).

Recorder Pro | Universal | €4.99 Free

Record voice notes and save them with a password. (4 stars).

Filibaba Smoothies | Universal | €0.99 Free

Recipes to make smoothies. (4.5 stars).

Solve – A colorful graphing calculator | Universal | €1.99 Free

Calculator that can represent graphs in 3D and with time dependence. (5 stars).

Fresh Reversal | Universal | €2.99 Free

A classic board game. (4.5 stars).

Brave Guardians TD | Universal | €1.99 Free

Tower defense game. (4.5 stars).

Abstract Me | Universal | €0.99 Free

Make abstract compositions by fusing images. (3.5 stars).

My Food Diary 365 | Universal | €1.99 Free

To keep a graphic diary of what you eat every day. (5 stars).

Smoosh! | Universal | €0.99 Free

Another fun puzzle game. (5 stars).

Pointillisted – Photo Artwork Generator | Universal | €0.99 Free

Interesting photo editor with quite original effects. (4 stars).

Findit (HD) – 200 Pictures | iPad | €7.99 Free

Game to find the differences. (3.5 stars).

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Free apps for a limited time were available for free download on the App Store at the time of publication of the article. We do not know when they will stop being on sale, so if you are interested in one, run to lower it before they go up in price. We have checked all of them in the Spanish App Store. Although the offers usually apply worldwide at the same time, check the price carefully before downloading. Some of the applications may have integrated inApp payments, so read their conditions carefully if this is a problem for you (for example, in children’s apps). Remember that you can deactivate inApp purchases on your device in “Settings> General> Restrictions> In-app purchases”.

We also recommend that you activate the selective notifications of SamaGame so that you can download the apps as soon as we publish the article (here we explain how to do it).