Save €22 with these 12 limited-time free apps for iPad and iPhone. And as a gift, a sentence: “Never let your sense of morality get in the way of doing what is right”. Isaac Asimov.

Kamisado | Universal | €1.99 Free

Strategy board game. (4.5 stars).

He Likes The Darkness | Universal | €1.99 Free

Platform game with 100 levels. (4 stars).

ZyroMath City Count | Universal | €1.99 Free

Children’s game for children 6-8 years old to learn mathematics. (5 stars).

HD Pro Calculator | iPad | €1.99 Free

An iPad calculator that clones the iPhone version. (5 stars).

SPEEDOMETER | Universal | €2.99 Free

Curious app that, in addition to measuring speed, has an inverted mode that allows you to see the speed reflected in the windshield at night. (4 stars).

Marco Polo Recall | Universal | €0.99 Free

Children’s memory game. (5 stars).

Square Occupy – Two Player Games | Universal | €1.99 Free

I haven’t seen this game in decades. At that time it was played in a square notebook with a blue and red pen. (3.5 stars).

Tesla Wars – II | Universal | €0.99 Free

To kill stick figures without mercy. (3.5 stars).

Xylo – Cutie Monsters Xylophone Fun | iPad | €2.99 Free

Musical xylophone game with which the little ones will have a great time (I don’t promise the same to the parents…). (4.5 stars).

Plastic Surgery Simulator | Universal | €1.99 Free

This app, designed to see how a step through the operating room would look on you, is used above all (of course) to put on masks. (4.5 stars).

Slide Tetromino Premium | Universal | €0.99 Free

Puzzle game. (4.5 stars).

Gangster Granny | Universal | €0.99 Free

The first version of the meanest granny game on iOS. (4 stars).

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Free apps for a limited time were available for free download on the App Store at the time of publication of the article. We do not know when they will stop being on sale, so if you are interested in one, run to lower it before they go up in price. We have checked all of them in the Spanish App Store. Although the offers usually apply worldwide at the same time, check the price carefully before downloading. Some of the applications may have integrated inApp payments, so read their conditions carefully if this is a problem for you (for example, in children’s apps). Remember that you can deactivate inApp purchases on your device in “Settings> General> Restrictions> In-app purchases”.

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