12 iPhone camera smarties. Do it yourself.

12 iPhone camera smarties. Do it yourself

Tips to make your photos fresher and more versatile.

12 iPhone camera smarties.  Do it yourself

It seems that you know everything about the iPhone camera. But today we are going to talk about non-obvious tricks that can help you significantly diversify your boring selfies and photos with standard foreshortenings, filters and processing.

Note: A little bit of madness in life is one more reason to smile.

12 iPhone camera smarties.  Do it yourself

1. Stockings and pantyhose

This tip may sound crazy, but it really works. Hundreds of apps on the App Store offer a wide range of filters, lights, and textures. But what’s the point of having them when you have regular kapron stockings handy?

To do: Stretch a kapron cloth over the camera of your mobile phone (the stronger the cloth, the less the effect will be noticeable), previously folding it in half. The photo will have a characteristic blur effect, and if there is a source of light from the side (bulb or sunlight), a characteristic glow will appear. Experiment with kapron color and get cool photos.

12 iPhone camera smarties.  Do it yourself

2. Panoramic cufflinks

An unobvious cheat that allows you to perform a mode panoramas. Thanks to a simple manipulation, you can obtain several impressions of the same object in the same photo without the need to use any graphic editor.

To do: Attached Camera select mode Panorama. Position your subject and start shooting by gently moving iPhone along the displayed level line. Once the subject is over the edge After filming, fix your hands and ask your opponent to move the subject (to move himself) to a new position.

12 iPhone camera smarties.  Do it yourself

Keep in mind that as you move The subject must not be in the frame of the shotand the new position should be kept off-target until you continue. During the whole process of “changing positions”, while you are acting as the photographer, he tries to remain still.

Advice: To change the panning direction, tap the arrow that appears on the iPhone screen.

3. Tripod for credit cards

If you have a couple of thick cardboard credit or business cards handy, you can easily build a makeshift tripod.

12 iPhone camera smarties.  Do it yourself

To do: Make the cuts as indicated in the diagram in the figure. Insert the card cutouts into the cuts made along the ‘A’ lines to hold the two-plate frame securely.

4. Macro photography

The focus of the iPhone at short distances is not very good and there is hardly any talk of macro photography. A miniaturized lens will make a significant difference.

To do: A similar lens can be found in an old knick-knack laser pointer and given new life. Use a lady’s hair clip, fixing the lens on its tendrils and attaching it to your mobile phone with a piece of tape. “The macro lens is ready!

12 iPhone camera smarties.  Do it yourself

Advice: If you have a broken lens or set of lenses at your disposal, don’t be too lazy to experiment. Bring them closer to your iPhone’s viewfinder, move them, find the best points and get your original photos.

5. Super macro photos

No, you don’t really know the capabilities of your iPhone’s camera. The photo below is a normal SD card. There is no cropping or digital zoom. The shot is presented in its original scale:

And all thanks to a drop of water.

To do: Use any means at your disposal to form a convex drop on the iPhone camera. Be very careful.since any liquid is the worst enemy of electronics. Bring the subject closer to your mobile phone (upside down it will be very difficult). The result is incredibly detailed imaging.

12 iPhone camera smarties.  Do it yourself

6. The “correct” white balance

If the natural conditions on a given day seem really unimportant to you in getting a good photo, the “greyness” and cool color of the photo can be easily corrected with sunglasses.

To do: You just have to bring the lens of SamaGameglasses closer to the objective of your mobile phone and release the shutter.

7. The Ultimate HDR Wizard

Until recently, the main problem with mobile photography was too poor a dynamic range. With the arrival of HDR, which consists of combining several images with different exposure values, the problem is a thing of the past.

12 iPhone camera smarties.  Do it yourself

To do: Do you want to capture clear skies, bright sun and green trees in the same shot? Make sure you turn on HDR mode. We strongly recommend keeping the original photo as well. To do this, go to Settings – Photo and camera and activate the slider leave the original.

8. Fisheye effect

There is great news: you have everything in your hands to take a fisheye photo with your iPhone.

To do: Turn the glasses over, resting them on the convex side of the camera lens. Find the point where the distortion manifests itself as much as possible (usually closer to the edge of the target).

9. Lid Filter Set

Any “Eurobinding” document is topped by a colored transparent plastic cover. And it is the one that can be the perfect filter to capture original photos with your mobile phone.

To do: Make several blanks with different colored caps. Poke a round hole in each one and put it in a carabiner. Now you not only have a set of filters, but also a nice key chain.

10. Steadicam from a table lamp

The main problem for bloggers is the lack of extra hands to ensure stable shooting and good photos. A simple and inexpensive way out of this situation lies on the surface – a table lamp.

To do: The ideal is a lamp “from the IKEA kit”, but if you dare, you can easily adapt a car holder to where the ceiling was and to any other place. Using objects inappropriately is not always a bad idea.

11. The headset as a trigger

One less-obvious feature of regular apple Earpods is their use as a remote release button.

12 iPhone camera smarties.  Do it yourself

To do: Connect a headset to your iPhone. Press the volume key «+» to take a photo.

12. Underwater shooting

Filming underwater with an iPhone without a case and special accessories seems crazy. In fact, it is much simpler than that. We need a glass jar or a plastic bottle with the neck cut off and EarPods.

To do: Connect headphones to your iPhone (you already know from tip 11 that they can be used as a fire button). Put the mobile phone in a jar and carefully submerge the jar in water (avoiding the water, of course). Wait until you have a good shot and press the Volume Up key.

Try it, experiment, and your iPhone camera will open up a whole new facet for you.

12 iPhone camera smarties.  Do it yourself

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