If you don’t have space on your Android, or if you are just looking to find new games without too much hassle, you can access the list of titles that we have selected for you. without needing to install them on your device. Arcade games, 3D shooter games, puzzles and more styles: enjoy these instant apps now.

To access the game test, you must follow the link to Google Play from your Android, the one that appears in each tab of Google Play. Then a “Try Now” will appear next to the install button: click here and the app will instantly open. The duration of each application varies: sometimes several levels are included and others the full game.

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Informal skill game in which you have to control a species of bacteria by avoiding obstacles, feeding it as much as possible and avoiding the rest of the microorganisms. Its levels are procedurally generated and you can play fully without installing it.

Requested 2

The Etermax Trivial offers a little quiz to see if you like it or not. This test is not too thorough since it consists of a small confrontation with a fictitious player, but it is worth spending a few minutes. And if that convinces you, you can always install the game.

Pokemon Masters

This instant app gives you a battle of trainers with whom you can test how you feel pit your Pokémon against those of your opponents. It’s a quick way to get into battles because the Pokemon Masters starter tutorial is quite long.

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Into the dead 2

This is a 3D shooting game where you have to finish with all the zombies crossing your path by touching the screen and sliding your finger to avoid them. This is especially surprising for the graphics and the fact that it is available as an instant app.

Brain points

This puzzle game consists of drawing lines on the screen so that the colored balls meet. You have a handful of levels that you can experience it with without any commitment.

Extreme Balancer 3

Control a ball using the buttons on the screen so that it does not go out of the marked lane. Its 3D graphics are attractive and He has a fairly precise physique. It includes several levels without installing anything.

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Garena Free Fire

This Battle Royale has a test card with two and a half minutes of play. It’s not a lot, but it doesn’t require any installation either: it’s enough and more than enough to provide quick and easy play.

Alpha Guns 2

A classic cut scooter with horizontal advance in which you have to kill all the enemies. It doesn’t have a tutorial, it saves you: as soon as you start instant play, you’ll be in the action.

Candy crush saga

The “instant app” of this legendary game offers different levels without requiring installation. It does not include a tutorial, so you can play it all with the experience you already have. Yes these are not simple levelsThis adds an additional point of interest to the game.

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This minimalist skill game is not only available for download, but also for instant application. It’s simple on approach and extremely complex in practice: you have to move two colored balls touching each other on the sides of the screen so that don’t touch any of the falling blocks. It’s a constant challenge.

Rodeo Stampede

This fun arcade game will loop the animals as they jostle each other. The further you go, the more points you score, but it’s not easy: jumping and grabbing the next frame by the neck becomes progressively more difficult. And the best thing is that you can try Rodeo Stampede without downloading it: it’s worth taking a few minutes.

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Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

Full instant play and in the style of classic “Martians”. Scroll with continuous vertical progression, increasing difficulty, lots of shots, a transforming ship, and a campaign full of levels to complete. It is not a bad option.

Clash Royale

The instant app offers training games that have virtually no tutorial. The game does not allow you to choose cards or do something other than strategy planning with the test game, but it can help you get a quick game if you don’t want to install the full game.

Bubble Witch 3 Saga

Not only does Candy Crush live King, you can also play another of the company’s key sagas: Bubble Witch. Its instant app offers several levels which you can enjoy without installing the full game.

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ZEN – Block Puzzle

Puzzle zen

Tangram type puzzle game in which you have to slide the different lower pieces to complete the proposed figure without gaps. Includes tons of instant levels: tap outside the download area when the warning appears (appears at each number of phases).

Source: Frandroid