15 girls they wouldn’t get so brave with.

Today is the International Day Against Gender Violence. All over the world there are demonstrations and reminders of women who have suffered or suffer this type of abuse and we want to join it with our personal list of girls who would not be tickled. Surely they would not be so “brave” with them!

1. Lara Croft

Thus, in a police record plan to impose more

15 girls they wouldn’t get so brave with

It is clear that if we think of weapons video game heroine to take, and never better said, Lara Croft the first comes to our minds. He may also discover some ruins that an arrow hits you on the back of your neck. This is ours Lara.

2. Chun-Li

Inspired a generation of Karatekas to laugh at Daniel-san

15 girls they wouldn’t get so brave with

The woman with the most powerful legs of all China he began to deliver spinning kicks that would make the very Chuck Norris when girls weren’t getting around that much in video games yet. She is the pioneer and her cries the most remembered

3. Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite)

Okay, she’s not too strong, she’s not one of those that worries you that she might leave you in a coma in the hospital, but let’s remember that she has Songbird. AND Songbird YES that is scary.

15 girls they wouldn’t get so brave with

4. Samus Aran (Metroid)

Cosplayer very strong

Just imagining that you punch that armor and all your bones hurt. She blazed a trail as the hero of her game, a game in which you didn’t even know she was a girl until she took off her helmet. Is ours Iron Man angelic blonde version, but delivers like nobody else.

15 girls they wouldn’t get so brave with

5. Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)

Did you call me?

Unlike other girls in her saga (yes, Ashley, We talk about you) Jill he doesn’t fool around and does what he plays and when he plays. What is there to kill a zombie? It loads it. What is there to kill some zombie dogs? It spends half a charger, but it charges them. And without disheveled, that before that simple zombie.

6. Bayonetta

And if we talk about dead earlier than simple, we cannot forget Bayonetta. In a latex suit worthy of some basement of Amsterdam and some heels more worthy of Lady Gaga that of a witch, Bayonetta shows us why the game is called Bayonetta and not “Random person with short hair”.

15 girls they wouldn’t get so brave with

7. Cortana (Halo)

It’s pretty, blue, smart, and holographic. Every Spartan’s dream, come on. It still gives you tactical information that gets emotional and proves to be the most human in the game. What are we going to do, he has us in love.

8. Jodie Holmes (Beyond: Two Souls)

I hate you. I hate my life. I go to the bathroom to cut myself while thinking about Oliver Sykes.

She went through a somewhat dodgy emo era, we will admit it, but that of having a supernatural entity that protects her is really cool. When he decided to move from My Chemical Romance and started using Aiden to make a good mess she did herself a great favor.

15 girls they wouldn’t get so brave with

9. Lightning

Okay, so much time travel has affected her fashion sense. She often surprises us with quite varied outfits but it must be recognized that she is a woman who pursues her ideals and that is why she has earned our respect. And because pink hair is cool.

10. Alyx (Half-Life 2)

The charismatic Alyx deserves a place of honor on this list. As if that were not enough, being a scientist / hacker / military is a girl with arms who stars in the best moments of Half-life 2. Behind a great man is a great woman who has saved her for herself Gordon Freeman on several occasions.

11. The Boss (Metal Gear Solid Saga)

This WWII veteran and mentor to the greatest soldier in history earns our respect from the moment we see her. Her convictions, her heavy hand, her combat skills and her strong personality make her an unforgettable character. And we stop because the tears of emotion are falling. * FEELINGS *

12. Ellie

She is small, but do not be fooled by her young age, her patience is even shorter. He has charged people who took three heads out of him, he is lethal with the bow and, in addition, he tells some terrible jokes that unsettle you and of course, that’s when she counterattacks.

15 girls they wouldn’t get so brave with

13. Faith (Mirror’s Edge)

Not only is she the queen of parkour (the Assassins of Assassin’s Believe next to him are babies in diapers), he also dismounts dictatorships, spanks and charges whoever gets ahead. If he has a mission, stay out of his way if you don’t want to end badly. But bad, bad.

14. Morrigan

Morrigan is another of those characters that catch from the first moment. His coldness and his bad temper enchant us. As much as his Spanish cosplayer who has become so famous with the promotion of Dragon Age Inquisition. Come visit us Nebulaluben!

15. Liara

We really could have put any female character in the series Mass Effect because they are great and they ooze personality and strength on all four sides. Finally we are left with this Asari that has us captivated since the first game of the saga. Same Ashley It would have been better for this position, but the human has a character of arms to take and it has given us something to invite.

15 girls they wouldn’t get so brave with

Do you miss your favorite character? Nothing happens, that’s what the comments section is for. Remember that sexist violence is a very serious issue that should not be taken as a joke. Surprise us with your opinions!