Screeny – Delete Screenshots Easily | Universal | €0.99 Free

There is only one thing I like less than vertical videos: the hundreds of screenshots that flood my iPhone and iPad. With this app you can locate and delete them quickly.

Orbitum | Universal | €1.99 Free

Game of the ones I like the most: skill and reflexes. Hundreds of 4.5 star ratings.

A Few Days Left | Universal | €3.99 Free

Action game with good graphics.

Wordflex Touch Dictionary | iPad | €11.99 Free

Much more than a good English dictionary. Includes nodal maps with words connected by syntax and meaning.

Group Text+ | Universal | €2.99 Free

App to send messages to many contacts at the same time.

Cool Barcelona | Universal | €3.99 Free

Barcelona travel guide. The developer also has free guides for many other cities: Miami, Vienna, Rome, Ibiza, Mallorca, Sao Paulo…

Instagram Pro | Universal | €4.99 Free

Photo editor with good ratings.

Slender Man Origins | Universal | €3.99 Free

Excellent horror game. Play it with headphones and in the dark.

Secret Diary – Keep Private Note with Photos Pictures Images Safely Lock and Hide Your Diary and Share to Email as PDF file | Universal | €1.99 Free

A secret diary on your iPad.

Top 26 Hip Hop Radio | Universal | €4.99 Free

26 radio channels with Hip Hop music at all hours.

See.Touch.Learn | iPad | €0.99 Free

App for autistic children and people with special needs. Over half a million downloads and a thousand 4.5 star ratings.

Schulte Table – improve your fast reading and attention | Universal | €0.99 Free

App to improve your attention span and your reading speed.

Racing Tires Space | Universal | €0.99 Free

Another game of speed and reflexes with good ratings.

Animals Alphabet Book | Universal | €0.99 Free

For children to learn the alphabet and English at the same time.

Dash Race | Universal | €0.99 Free

Addictive racing game in which you mark the route of the car with your finger.

Thunderspace 4K ~ Sleep Relax Meditate in a Thunderstorm with Rain Sounds | Universal | €2.99 Free

Another app for insomniacs. This recreates relaxing rain sounds.

Back to Bed | Universal | €3.99 Free

We finish with this popular indie game with many awards.

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All of these apps are free on the App Store at the time of publication of the article. We do not know when they will stop being on sale, so if you are interested in one, run to download it before the price goes up. We have checked all of them in the Spanish App Store. Although the offers usually apply worldwide at the same time, check the price carefully before downloading. Some of the applications may have inApp payments, so read their conditions carefully if this is a problem for you (for example, in children’s apps). Remember that you can disable inApp purchases on your device in Settings > General > Restrictions > In-app purchases.